Gujarat Election Astrology Predictions 2022

Gujarat Election Astrology Predictions 2022

Gujarat Election Astrology Predictions 2022

Gujarat’s election is approaching and will be held in November 2022. When the concept of election comes, associated thought also comes regarding its result. We have procured the horoscope of Bhupendrabhai Patel – current Chief Minister of Gujarat , with his date of birth -16 July 1962,  and also the party horoscopes of Aam Aadmi Party, BJP and Congress. We do not have a horoscope of AAP and Congress leaders as they have not declared their election candidates for Gujarat.

An analysis of election results shows that, BJP has been occupying the position of power since the last  27 years, although in the year 2017 election, BJP won 99 seats as compared to 115 seats in the year 2012.  Question arises what will be the result of this election, are people looking for some change in Gujarat.  Current Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupendrabhai Patel – whose Moon is in a strong position, will he resume back to power. Astrological analysis of horoscopes connected to Bhupendrabhai Patel, AAP and Congress will throw some light on the above questions.

The horoscope analysis and the planetary position of Aam Aadmi Party indicates that, although this party members will face some obstacles in terms of health of some ministers, it will be successful to mark its presence in Gujarat. The way this particular party is getting successful in entering other states, likewise the party will be successful in increasing its vote bank in Gujarat.

The planetary combinations and their positions in the horoscope of Congress party do not show a good time for it. The party is facing continuous setbacks due absence of strong leadership.

BJP’s horoscope and its planetary combinations illustrates though this party still holds a better position but chances of reduction in vote bank is definitely inevitable.

Horoscope analysis of Chief Minister Bhupendrabhai Patel indicates that Moon is very strong on his birth chart. Mercury and Sun’s influences on Moon will bring the best time for RajYoga for him. The planet Jupiter’s influences on other planets makes Patel ji’s horoscope strong and bright. The entire planetary position of Bhupendrabhai Patel shows success and popularity for him.


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 So far the number of seats in the coming Gujarat election is concerned, Astrological predictions say that – Aam Aadmi Party will get approximately 9 seats, whereas Congress will get 70 seats. Astrologically speaking, BJP will no doubt suffer a setback but will manage to capture 93 seats.  Bhupendrabhai Patel’s strong horoscope will bring him into power again.

Therefore, let us all wait and see the result of Gujarat election.
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