Hanuman Mantra for Success In Life

Hanuman Mantra for Success In Life

Hanuman Mantra for Success in Life
Our life has become complicated and a real challenging in these days. We want to be successful but to become one we need to fight with several odds and manage the different aspects efficiently. Human intellect, energy, and skills are limited. We do not know what life is giving us. We are unable to analysis whether the situation is going against or in favor of us. Hanuman is a famous god in Hinduism and is highly pleased by merciful in granting the boons the devotees seek. Here is a list of a powerful mantra that can help you to change your different aspects of life.

Hanuman mantra for job
For getting good job and promotion in your job chant the following mantra for 108 days for 48 days and you will see changes in favor of you.
Vayuputraa Kripa Sindhu Pahimaam Karunakaran
Raama Bhaktaa Raama Dhuutaa Raksha Raksha Maha Prabho
Shatru Bhaya Vinaashamcha Sarva Mangala Prasaadinam
Buddhirbhalam Mano dhairyam Nirbhayatvam Delhi Maam

Hanuman mantra for success
Hanuman is the epitome of success. He helps one to increase confidence and hope in individuals who pray to him sincerely. To get success in all endeavors in life, chant the following mantra regularly in the morning or evening.
Om Vayuputraaya Vidmahe Raama Daasaaya Dheemahi
Tanno Hanumaan Prachodayaa

Hanuman mantra for marriage
Chant the following Hanuman mantra for increasing the chances of getting suitable life partner for you. You can chant this mantra 21 times in the morning and evening for 48 days to find delayed marriages falling in place.
Anjaneyam Ati Paatalaananam Kaanchanaadri Kamaneeya Vigraham
Parijaata Taru Moola Vaasinam Bhaavayaami Pavamaana Nandanam

Hanuman mantra to win court cases
If you are fighting a court case then this is a powerful mantra to move things faster in your favor. Chant the following mantra of Hanuman 1008 times twice a day and visit Hanuman temple before going to court proceedings.
Aum Aeem Bhreem Hanumate Shree Ram Dootaaya Namaha

Procedure to chant Hanuman mantras
– First, take a bath and energize yourself with purity.
– Use rosary made of Tulsi stalk wood for counting.
– Early morning and evening is the ideal time to chant the mantra.
– Chant the mantra either sitting on a mat or in a temple or in front of the Lord Hanuman Idol.
– Avoid using things that come under adultery such as alcohol, cigarettes and also refrain from doing deeds that are antisocial.

Ultimate benefits of Hanuman Mantras
• Hanuman mantra helps in reducing the ill effects of planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu.
• It helps to build courage and confidence in the chanters.
• Health, vitality and physical strength are increased by chanting Hanuman mantra.
• Ghosts, devils and evil spirits remain away from the person who chants Hanuman mantra.
• The memory and intelligence power of the children are increased and they can secure good marks in the examination.
• All kinds of fears are removed by chanting Hanuman mantra.



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