Healing Benefits of Garnet

Healing Benefits of Garnet

Garnet is an ancient gemstone which in fact, is a stone of silicate mineral. It is made of variety of silica mineral. Garnets are the oldest gemstone widely used since Bronze age, especially by the people of Egypt to ward off the evils. It is a semiprecious gemstone which acts as a protective shield to ward off the evils. Among various varieties of garnets, Almandine is the most commonly found while Demantoid is the rarest form of Garnet. Pyrope and Rhodolite are the forms which are quite common.

Benefits of Garnet:

1) It is an excellent gemstone for healing the blood regulated disorders and also cures the blood deficiency and related diseases.
2) Garnet has the property to reduce chances of hemorrhages and inflammation.
3) It helps to cure the diseases related to root chakra and detoxifies the blood and keeps the heart healthy.
4) Garnet enhances the spleen, lungs and cure injuries of spine.
5) It also reduces depression and as per ancient beliefs, it protect from poisoning.

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Mystical and Astrological Benefits:

1) Garnet is the stone of protection. It helps the wearer from negative thoughts and evil thoughts.
2) It is beneficial for those who travel regularly and ensures safe travelling for them
3) This stone brings success in life and adds magnetism to the persona of wearer and helps to achieve success within short span of time.
4) The red garnet has many astrological benefits and it is good for the politicians, surgeons and budding entrepreneurs.
5) It stimulates all the chakras of the body from base to the crown chakra and helps in meditation.

Price of Garnet Gemstone

The price of the garnet gemstone varies due to the cut, clarity and the color of the gemstone. The best quality garnet may be found between INR 1000 to INR 10,000 per carat. If you’re buying garnet then make sure you get the certificate of authenticity from the jeweler because there are many gemstones seller who sells fake gemstone in the name of garnet. IF you wish to buy garnet online in India, USA and UK, then you may visit astrokapoor.com. We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gemstones are certified by a reputed lab.

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