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Healing Effect of Savar Rudraksha

Healing Effect of Savar Rudraksha

Savar Rudraksha is a very powerful rudraksha bead. Visually, it has 1 faced rudraksha attached to the bead. It removes entire obstacle and helps to succeed in all spheres of life. It helps to face difficult situation of life and increases stamina during ill health and disease. savar rudraksha online in india

Commonly available Savar Rudraksha is not from Nepal, but from Sri Lanka and South India. This belongs to the same family, but the genus is Bhadraksha. Bhadrakshas are the cousin of Rudraksha, but not very powerful Savar Rudraksha from Nepal is very rare to find and has immense power. It is very useful for leaders and politician. It blesses a person with health, wealth and prosperous life.

Power of Savar Rudraksha

This is the supreme Rudraksha that denotes Lord Shiva Nag Deva. It imparts whole influence on wearer’s body. Its effects are miraculous. It blesses a person with good career. Health, wealth and prosperity are also increased by wearing this Rudraksha. It provides all Spiritual, Physical, and Mental benefit to the wearer. It also enhances financial stability to the wearer. It gives all worldly comfort to the wearer. It improves confidence level of a person. It helps to attain high self-esteem and enhanced personality. It helps the wearer to overcome difficult situation.

Astrological View

Ruling Lord-Lord Shiva and Nag Deva
Ruling Planet-Sun

Original Savar Rudraksha

There are many gemstone sellers who sells fake savar rudraksha. Artificial rudraksha bead is made by making upper carving from the knife, so it is essential to check the authenticity of the seller before buying Savar Rudraksha. If you wish to buy Savar Rudraksha online in India, USA, and UK, then you may visit estore of astrokapoor. We have our own Rudraksha tree in Nepal and we provide natural savar rudraksha bead.

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