Healing Properties of Cat's Eye Tourmaline

Healing Properties of Cat’s Eye Tourmaline

Cats eye Tourmaline is the gemstone of Ketu. It is very excellent in removing malefic effect of Ketu in one’s horoscope. Cat’s eye stone gives auspicious result to the wearer. It has been known, that this stone transform negative thought of a person to a positive one. It promotes tolerance and harmony in one’s life. It stabilizes wisdom and intelligence and removes obstacles of life. It has been found in Brazil, Burma, china and Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Norway

Gemological Properties of Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Gemstone

Indian name-Lehsunia-Sutra Mani
Color-Golden Yellow-Yellow with brown, Green, Lemon, Red, Orange, Pink, Black, Gray, Purple, Violet, Yellowish Green
Appearance-Tabular transparent crystals

Cats Eye Tourmaline Gemstone brings discipline and self association in one’s life. It can attract sudden wealth, as it is associated with Ketu. It has magical properties to heal negative thoughts and enhance wisdom and intellect. Cat’s eye safe guard its wearer from accidents and evil eye spirits. It saves a person from physical weakness. It brings happiness and serenity in life. Mental comfort is gained by wearing this stone.

An inauspicious Ketu may cause sudden loss and wasteful travels, so it can be prevented by wearing this stone. Cat’s eye is not worn whole life, but it is generally worn during major and sub period of Ketu in person’s life. Each color of Cat’s eye is for different zodiac sign. It is very beneficial for person born under Aries, Taurus and Capricorn.

How to wear Cat’s eys Tourmaline Lehsunia gemstone?

Cat’s eye should be cleaned softly with soap and water, and then its ring or pendant studded in silver should be worn in small finger after consulting a Vedic astrologer. An auspicious day is Wednesday, Thursday or Friday for wearing this stone. Its weight shouldn’t be less than 6 carat.

Identification of Lehsunia before buying

Color-Golden yellow, yellow with brown, green with red
Mohs scale hardness-8.5
Appearance-Bright transparent when polished
Specific gravity-High

Price of Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Gemstone

The price of Cat’s eye tourmaline gemstone depends on the cut, clarity and the color of the gemstone. A finely cut and an excellent gemstone fetch more prices. The price of best quality cat’s eye gemstone may varies between INR 500 to INR 5000 per carat. But before buying gemstone it is essential to ask for the certificate of authentication from a reputed gem lab because there are many gemstones seller who sells fake gemstones in the place of natural gemstone. If you wish to buy cat’s eye gemstone online in India, USA and UK, then you may visit e store of astrokapoor. We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gemstones are certified by a reputed gem lab. We provide cat’s eye tourmaline in a wholesale price.

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