Health and Astrology

Health and Astrology

Health is an important aspect of all individual. We want to live long and a healthy life. Health is a mirror of the body that gives a clear picture of what is happening in our life. A good health helps us to balance our physical and mental health of the body. In astrology a person can know about his health which can in return help to escape many health problems in life. Our body is associated with the nature and the things that are present in the nature is also present in our body. In astrology, there are mainly seven physical planets and two non physical planets that leave an impact in our health.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn are the physical planet. Rahu and Ketu are the non physical planet which mainly act on our subconscious mind.

The body system mainly consists of Pran Tejsav and Ojas element. Prana means air ruled by the Saturn, Mercury and Rahu and Tejasav means fire element which is ruled by Sun, Mars and Ketu. Ojas means plegamatic that is water element and is ruled by Moon, Venus and Jupiter. These three elements should be balanced if we need a balanced physical and mental body.

Sun: It is the soul that resides in the heart and is the main planet that rules vitality of the body. A weak sun can give high fever, poor digestion, ulcer and poor vision.

Moon: It rules over the mind, emotions and feelings. If Moon is weak in the birth chart, it can lead to emotional imabalance and nervousness.

Mars: It rules the blood system of the body and marrow part of the bone. It can cause injury, accidents and surgery. When it is weak, it may give rise to toxic blood conditions.

Mercury: It rules the intelligence and nervous system of the body. If it is ill placed in a horoscope, then it may cause sensitive mind, lack of intelligence and skin prone to allergy.

Jupiter: It is the planet of wisdom. If it is weak in the horoscope, it may cause edema, water retention and high cholesterol.

Venus: It rules over the hormone and the endocrine system of the body. If it is weak in the horoscope, it may result in kidney and bladder infections and stones in the urinary tract.

Saturn: It is the planet of force and life and death. It rules the breath in the human body. If it is ill placed in the horoscope then it may result in chronic disease, weak bone, osteoporosis and arthritis.

Rahu: It rules over the subconscious mind and desire of the human body. If it is ill placed in the birth chart, it can give rise to weak immune system and may cause cancer. It also decreases the appetite of the person, can cause stress, tremors and neurosis.

Ketu: It is like Rahu and Mars and gives the same problem as Rahu and Mars.

If we have an accurate knowledge of our physical type then we can give good and accurate prevention to our body against any incoming disease.

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