Health Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

Health Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

Health Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone
A red coral stone is also called as Moonga. It is originated from seawater from a coral reef. It is composed for delicate red color and is harvested inside the seawater from the leaves of coral reef. It is a composition of 83 percent calcium, 4 to 5 percent iron and 4 percent carbonate. According to Vedic astrology, if one is afflicted with the dominant planet Mars, it can give happiness and healing properties to the wearer.

If we talk about physical advantages, Red Coral stone is a representative of Mars on the earth and assists in healing serious health diseases. On the basis of what are its effects on health, the healing benefits of red coral stone are as follows.

• The red coral stone is very beneficial in healing all blood-related diseases and if an individual who suffers from high blood pressure problems.

• Powder of red coral stone with kewda water helps to attain pregnancy since wearing this stone reduces miscarriages.

• This stone is helpful in panacea if one is suffering from stomach pain.

• If one is suffering from stomach pain, it is helpful for the same.

• Red coral is useful for the treatment of piles, baldness, and other skin problems.

• Wearing Red Coral helps help to remove mental tensions and teeth related problems.

• Read coral is very useful for bringing shining on the skin.

How to wear Red Coral Stone?
A coral gemstone is also called as Moonga. If a person is suffering from any of the abovementioned diseases then it may give the good result for the same. The red coral ( Moonga ) reflects the positive power of the Mars. Since it is associated with mars, before wearing the red coral stone, a person should look for the characteristics of the red coral stone.

A person must know how to wear a red coral stone. He or she should follow a complete method for wearing red coral stone. Generally, the coral stone should be Italian Coral Red Coral Stone. As Italian Red Coral stone is called as the best quality coral. The auspicious gemstone should be studded in copper or gold ring of the right hand on Tuesday while reciting the following mantra 108 times. Before reciting the mantra make sure that you sit on Red color cloth and purify yourself by bathing. Don’t bring any negative thought in your mind and try to be peace and calm while reciting the poem. It is essential that after reciting the mantra, you should donate something to the poor. It can be either any alms or food or red color cloth. This will help to bring the good and positive energy of Mars( Mangal ) and it can also help to remove the afflicted tendencies of Mars if present in the horoscope. The boy or girl who has mangal dosha can wear Red Coral stone after proper consultation with an expert astrologer.

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