Health Benefits of White Coral Gemstone

Health Benefits of White Coral Gemstone

White Coral/Safed Moonga is used in Ayurveda for the blood related disorder. It is very good for infants, having low eating disorders. When worn this stone provides special self expression and communication power to the wearer. It removes negative emotions and helps to get peace of mind. It cures backache and strengthens the body immunity. This stone symbolizes wealth and prosperity and brings good luck and positive vibes in the life. It is recommended for pregnant women, as it gives healthy baby. Coral is a good aid during meditation and visualization because it helps us retain images and forms. This gemstone absorbs the negative energy from the body, and facilitates sixth sense, aptitude and wealth. It enhances passion, romantic, optimism, wisdom, protection, and relaxation in a person’s life It is also used in the treatment of calcium deficiency
It is also used in jewelry- rings/pendants and bracelets.
Career and Profession
Doctor | Scientist | Engineers | Army | Police force | Agriculture | Sports | Business of Gold | Land and Immovable Properties

Health Benefits of White Coral/ Moonga
White Coral can convert cosmic color yellow and it is very beneficial in the treatment of diseases related to bone marrow, lymph node and head. It can cure fever, anemia, piles, small pox, chicken pox, measles, bronchitis, wounds and pneumonia. It is effective in the treatment of bile secretion of liver. If worn during pregnancy, it can prevent miscarriage. Safed Moonga is used in the treatment of fertility and impotence problems. Abortion, miscarriage and other pregnancy prenatal condition can be treated by this gemstone.

Price of White Coral Gemstone
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