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Hessonite - Gomed

Hessonite – Gomed

Hessonite “Gomed” :- Represents: Rahu. Hessonite/Gomed is the stone of planet Rahu. In Hindu astrology Rahu is considered as a ‘shadow planet’. Rahu indicates the head of ‘Dragon’.

Hessonite/Gomed helps in Career and professions : Foreign travel and foreign exchange, rubber, poisonous products, lottery, circus, wine and smokes, rail ways, cement, mustard seeds, mustard oils, blankets, vegetables, sharp piercing, photography.

Diseases that get cured wearing Hessonite/Gomed gemstone : Aids, waste pine, snake bite, food poisoning, poisonous diseases, eye diseases, colour blindness, skin allergy, itching, stomach problems, psychological disorder, uric acid, thyroid.

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