How gemstones work

How Gemstones Work On Human Body

Do gemstones work? How do gemstones work? Gemstones are natural minerals. They are found trapped inside the earth in the form of the mineral. Humankind has tapped these resources since ancient times. But it is not in the hands of mankind to manufacture natural emerald in the laboratory. Although, the composition and colour would be the same, but it may not have the healing power as natural emerald.

Planetary gem healing is a very authentic process and no one can deny the power of gemstones. These work on the premise of a passage of light through the gemstone into the human system via touch. This works in a very sophisticated manner. There are nine planets in astrology and nine planetary gems. When light strikes on an object, it passes through it but the speed and the quantum of light may vary.

What we see as a colour is the visible part and apparent to our eye. It gets reflected back and visible as a colour to our naked eyes. As for example, when light strikes a red rose, all colour of wavelengths are absorbed or pass through the surface of the flower and the only red colour is seen, hence rose is red in colour. Gemstones work on the platform of colour it absorbs on the wavelength.

Scientific Research On Gemstones

Objects that allow all color wavelengths to pass through them is white in color and those that do not allow any colour to pass through is black in colour.  When a light ray falls on a medium, if in the case of human body, its speed slow down and upon contact, selective absorption happens and it addresses the deficit of particular energies in the body.

Myth about Gemstone colour

Color healing is not just accommodated at the auric level. Gems work directly at the chakra centres, which possesses a specific colour attributed to them. They also help to bring harmony to the chakra centres in the human body.

Can Gemstones Change Destiny

In general perception, if an individual is recommended to wear emerald, then he or she does not need a green colour wavelength. We should remember, green is the wavelength and frequency rejected by the emerald, making it appear green to the eye. Therefore, the energy that goes within, which is required into the human energy system, apart from the green is what is really required. For this person, Budh or Mercury energy is already strong and favor of this planetary energy gives faster healing. How gemstone work – Does it work by its colour or something else?

Do Stones Really Work

Gemstones have dense crystal structure and it helps to transmit energy and vibrations. Gemstones are worn on the fingers or as a pendant close to the thymus gland. Thymus gland is a gland where the joints ensure lymphatic fluid and nerve fibres to facilitate conduction of specific energy. The gemstones are either set in gold or silver for enhancing their power. The suitable metal also enhances the pure electrolyte and conduction of energy.

Caution for wearing gemstone

It is necessary that you take suitable gemstone recommendation before wearing any gemstone. Wearing any gemstone which is not suitable can backfire and give bad results that can give huge negative impact on your life.

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