How to Identify Natural Rudraksha Bead

How to Identify Natural Rudraksha Bead

Rudraksha is the sacred bead of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha is the most lovable bead of this deity. Rudraksha is the seed of a particular tree which grows at certain place in the mountain area. They are mostly found in Nepal, Burma, Thailand and Indonesia.
But now a days it is difficult to identify the natural Rudraksha bead as market is flooded with numerous artificial beads.
Test like one which sinks in water is original, and the bead which floats in water is duplicate. But even the one coated with the wood also gets sink into water, so it is better to consult a reliable source for the identification of this bead.

1 A real Rudraksha bead sinks in water.
2 If a natural Rudraksha bead is boiled in water continuously for six hours, it will not show any change, while the artificial bead will when joined together will be separated.
3 Rudraksha bead shouldn’t be confused with the shape. A well defined natural Rudraksha bead has well defined corners, shapes and smooth surface with the linings.
4 Natural Rudraksha bead should not be broken at any end.

Rudraksha carries a very special importance in religious ceremonies. It is very difficult to get 1 faced and 9 to 14 faced Rudraksha. One faced Rudraksha is very rare and very powerful bead. The five faced Rudraksha bead is considered very powerful for pooja purposes. A chain of 26 Rudraksha bead and 50 Rudraksha bead is also very useful for the special pooja and various ritual ceremonies.
Always remember the mukhi of the Rudraksha bead is very well defined. Rudraksha is worn at all time. According to some texts, it should be removed during sex, funeral ceremonies, and bowel movement, but still a concrete proof has yet not defined anywhere. It should be worn with love, respect and faith to Lord Shiva.

Rudraksha Therapy

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha Bead
One who is constantly in journey and eats and sleeps at various places can wear this holy bead. It creates a cocoon of energy within the body. It also removes the vibrations f the changed situations so it is beneficial for the Sadhus and Sanyasis. Because they are always wandering from one place to another, they are not affected by the situation by wearing this bead.
Rudraksha is a shield against negative energies. Five faced and Panchmukhi Rudraksha is beneficial for everyone. It brings prosperity not only in monetary gains but also in the whole spheres of life. It makes you a balance person, and if you are a balanced person, then prosperity comes on automatically.
If you want to purify our life to attain spiritual attainment in life, then Rudraksha bead is the most beneficial bead. It helps one to connect with the higher spiritual soul. It removes negativity and brings prosperity in the life of the wearer.

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