How to wear neelam gemstone

How to wear Neelam Stone

Neelam or Blue Sapphire gemstone is governed by the powerful Saturn, Shani Deva in Hindi. Saturn is an important planet and is believed to influence the life of the all. Thus it is highly recommended that by wearing this gemstone under the expert guidance can help to get maximum benefits in the life.

To gain maximum advantage, it is important that Blue Sapphire gemstone should be worn in the right manner. This is imperative because it provides whether the stone will prove beneficial for you or act against you.

There are some important pointers that you should keep in minds as you prepare to wear Blue Sapphire Neelam Gemstone.

1) Silver, platinum, panchdhatu or gold is the best metal to wear blue sapphire gemstone. First check with your astrologer about the right metal to wear Blue Sapphire gemstone.

2) The middle finger of the right hand is considered best for wearing Neelam gemstone because it is the finger of Saturn.

3) An astrologer advises the person to wear Blue Sapphire on Saturday, which again is a day of lord Saturn.

4) The Blue Sapphire or Neelam gemstone should be worn either in the evening before sunset or on Saturday morning as per the placement of Saturn on the birth chart of the person.

5) The ideal weight of the gemstone should be between 4 to m5 carats. Some time it is advised to wear the gemstone with appropriate weight that is 1/5th of their body weight.

6) Always keep in mind to buy Blue Sapphire gemstone from a reputed gem dealer as the quality of the Blue Sapphire can give tremendous impact on you.

7) Before wearing Blue Sapphire, immerse the gem in milk and water to remove tha various negative energy that gem is carrying from various sources.

8) Burn five incense sticks around the stone and chant mantra “Om Shan Shanicharaya Namah”.

9) During recitation of the mantra, wear the gemstone.

10) Pour milk and water and put Bailpatra leaves on a Shivaling to achieve excellent result.

11) The powerful Blue Sapphire gemstone starts to show its effect almost immediately.

12) The life span of a Blue Sapphire is four years, post which check with an astrologer whether you need to continue wearing the gemstone further or not.



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