Retrograde Saturn In Sagittarius

Impact of Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius 2018

Saturn becomes retrograde on April 18, 2018 (Wednesday) at 07:10 and progressive on September 06, 2018 (Thursday) at 17:02. Total retrograde days would be 142. It is myth that retrograde planet is travelling backward, but it is not so, it is an optical illusion. Planets only appear moving backwards from position here on Earth and it gives an unexpected result. Saturn is a taskmaster, a teacher and a judge. We have to face many challenges while Saturn is retrograde. If Saturn is posited malefic in your birth chart, it may give some positive possibilities in retrograde motion.

There is a need to understand the energy level of retrograde Saturn and efforts should be made to turn it in harmonious way. There can be challenges in your relationship phase due to astral blockage in various parts of the body. It is essential to do introspection of the same. During your inward journey, you would get an opportunity to review your inner self.

Now discover what the stars have in store for you while Saturn moves retrograde:

Retrograde Saturn will occupy your ninth house. You may get involved in religious activities. Legal matters may trouble you. There can be crunch of cashes and money will b spent on undesirable things. There might be change in jib and business.

Saturn will be retrograde from Taurus to eighth house. There is an indication of ill health due to irregular diet habits. Transit of Saturn in eighth in eighth houses is kanta shani, because it shows results as choking of the neck. There can be painful travelling. The business may get low profit. There might be loss of asset and property. Financial problem may zoom out. Do your best to avoid any enmity with your friends or spouse.

Retrograde Saturn will influence your seventh house. There can be delay in purchasing of property or vehicle. You may face anger of your mother. Avoid ego tendency as it may cause havoc in your life. Several obstructions are seen and impediments may come in your business. Youe savings might be blown away.

Retrograde Saturn will be transiting from Cancer zodiac to sixth house. Try to improve your food habit and avoid spicy food. You need to improve your habit that makes you uncomfortable. You will face high debt load, even if you require fresh loan that would not be available. There can be differences in ideology. The best part of this transit is you will be more concentrated towards your work.

This year, retrograde Saturn will be in the fifth House. There might be some problems in your family. The business people should handle all dealings with seriousness; otherwise they may face heavy loss. Stay away from investments in shares and debentures.

For your sign, retrograde Saturn transit 2018 will be from fourth house. You may lose your reputation in your family. There is a sign of penalty on account of that or you may face some legal actions. It is better if your avoid driving. If you are keen to buy house, it may be delayed for 3-4 months. Pregnant ladies should take care of their month.

Retrograde Saturn is transiting from your third house. This is a Yog karaka planet for your sign. Your efforts and plans will bring good result for you. You have to organize your thoughts and also your communication with others in day to day life. If you are in job, you have to reorganize your work properly. There may be some differences in your family on property and assets.

Saturn retrogrades in 2018 in second house from your zodiac sign. This period indicates release of your priorities and preferences. If you’re doing business, you are advised to take important decision according to your priorities and preferences. You should avoid starting any new project as it may not be fruitful. Your children may suffer on account of this transit.

Saturn is retrograde in your own zodiac sign, that is, you are at the peak of your sade-sati. You may feel disconnected with this world during this transit. You might feel decreased energy level, particularly after April. Your hectic movement will bear no fruit of success. Students should concentrate on their studies.

This year, Saturn is retrograde from your twelfth house. Your stress level will be high during this period. Your travelling will be aimless and fruitless. You may have to go abroad and it will be worthwhile. You may earn good profits in business. Get rid of unrealistic attachments and unnecessary dears.

This year, Saturn is retrograde in your eleventh house from your zodiac sign. This is the tome to redefine your goals, your wishes and plans. Your health will be fine and you might feel rejuvenated to complete your tasks. Good business proposals are on the way and it will be culminated into profitable ones.

This year, Saturn is transit retrograde in tenth house for your zodiac sign. You have to re-asses your professional goals. There are chances of separation from your family due to professional responsibility or pilgrimage. You may get connected to irrelevant activities that will be sheer wastage of time. You might have limited opportunities in your business and professional front. To know more get your astrological consultancy report.



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