Importance of Blue Sapphire Ganesha Idol

Importance of Blue Sapphire Ganesha Idol

Blue Sapphire Ganesha Idol is a unique idol. Blue Sapphire Ganesha brings new hopes and beginnings. It removes the negative influence of Saturn from the house. If the head of the family is having malefic Saturn in the horoscope, then Blue sapphire Idol is the alternative to recover positive energy in the house. Ganesha is itself a very auspicious deity as it denotes the new beginnings in the life.
Blue Sapphire Ganesha idol helps to maintain positivity between the family members. It is very useful for maintaining the negative and positive energy in balance, If Saturn influence is not positive then it brings delays, difficulties, and hurdles. Blue Sapphire is the gemstone which can combat the difficulties and delays in progress and prosperity. Ganesha made in Blue sapphire carries natural cosmic rays of blue sapphire and imparts strengthening the power of Saturn to the Ganesha Idol.

Blue Sapphire Ganesha Idol helps to maintain spiritual truth. People who belong to the spiritual path are benefitted by keeping this Ganesha Idol. It makes the spiritual connection to the lord and also imparts salvation. It is also useful during the meditation. Keep this idol in the Pooja room or in the entrance hall if your house for maximum benefit. It can also be placed in the south-west corner of your home.

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