Importance of Goverdhan Parikrama

Importance of Goverdhan Parikrama

Goverdhan hill is also called as Giriraj hill. It is one of the most auspicious mount in the World because Lord Krishna is considered forever wandering on its slopes. Sri Govardhan is most auspicious because Lord Krishna lifted it on his little finger for seven days at a stretch to protect the Brajwasis from the devastating rain. It is mentioned in Purana that mount was broken inch by inch and the deity of Braj fulfill all its desires. Krishna devotes round the mountain to the whole world, which are from the vashnvjn and vallabh sect. The full circle is 21 kilometeres, approximately 7 miles. The Parikarama marg starts from the main vanue, jatipura, Mukhravid Temple, Radhakund, Kusum Sarovar, Manasi Ganga, Govind Kund, Punchri etc.

The mythological Significance of Goverdhan Prikarama Govardhan Puja
On Ekadashi, the bright night of the full moon millions of devotes of the Sapta kosi orbit around the Giriraj. This is a very special deed because it helps one to invoke the blessings of the Lord Krishna and Radhe. Devotees who perform Goverdhan Parikarama is bestowed with peace and fulfilled desires. Actually it is on Poornima, and has special significance of the Goverdhan Parikarama. The environment of blessings prevailed everywhere and devotees get the blessings of Lord Krishna. It is since last five thousand years automatically everyday over a fist or that urbanization and the vagaries of weather, it is almost finished.

The real path of this Parikarama is to follow the footsteps of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. He came to Vrindavan, and performed Govardhan Parikarama. According to him every single stone of Govardhan Hill is not differed from the body of Govardhan Parikarama. Each piece of stone is full of divine blessings of Lord Krishna.
The Parikarama should be started by pure mind and body. After taking bath in the beautiful Manasi Ganga lake one should start the worship of Shri Giriraj by offerings one’s body, mind and words during Govardhen Parikarama.

While performing the parikrama, the mind should be free from any fear and negative thought. It should be completely immersed in the prayers of Lord Krishna. Parikrama is considered complete and final after one has worshipped the Brahmins and the Vaishnavas.

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