Importance of Birthstone

Importance of Birthstone for You

Importance of birthstone can’t be denied. These are very important for well-being and happiness. We can also put it up as follows “It means the gemstone that is your lifeline”. It is basically a personal stone for you. Why it is so important? The reason for this can be well understood, when you see your birthstone, its positive energies attracts you. It is very well connected to your energies. Importance of birthstone is since ancient era. Buy Certified Gemstone Online at Wholesale Prices

Why the importance of birthstone a fact

These birthstones are well connected to you because they are aligned by your energies. They are represented by your month/date and year of birth. Birthstones are important because they are well-equipped to enhance your energies. This helps one to connect to the higher cosmic levels of the world. As these stones are connected to your own astrological sign, they work on healing your mind, body and soul. The connection with your mind helps to bring clarity and defines your life purpose. In relation to the body, it heals and provides energy to boost you. It heals you when it goes deeper inside your soul. If you are capable enough to wear a precious gemstone, it is good, otherwise, you can go for the semi-precious ones.

Let us look at the list below of Birthstones

We can substitute Ruby with Spinel.

Moonstone is the best substitute for Pearl.

Red Coral is cheap, but if not possible to wear go for Carnelian.

Emerald can be substituted by Peridot.

Yellow Sapphire is worn for Jupiter. We can wear Yellow Citrine or Sunela in place of Yellow Sapphire.

Zircon is the substitute for Diamond.

Amethyst is the substitute for Blue Sapphire also called as kataila. Iolite or Neeli or Lapis Lazuli is also a substitute for Blue Sapphire.

Cat’s eye is for Ketu. It is not so costly, so you can go for it.

Garnet can be used in the place for Hessonite or Gomedh

Ruby can be substituted by Red Spinel.

But before wearing any stone, just remember, all gems are not suited to all. Before wearing any gemstone, go for an astrological consultation from an expert.

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