Importance of Career Astrology

Importance of Career Astrology

We all are aware about the importance of career. Career forms an important aspect of our life either we are passing through the young or the middle age. From childhood, everyone dream about their career and the profession he or she wants to pursue. The value of any profession depends upon our choice and the perfection of certain skill sets.  But sometimes, the wrong career choice can create havoc and may land us into trouble without any growth in our professional life. It is often seen that a person chooses career according to the salary package whether it suits him or not. Here the role of astrology can’t be ignored. Let us know the power of astrology while choosing the correct career and profession. Importance of career astrology can’t b denied at any point of view.

Career Astrology and Its Root

Career astrology forms a very important aspect in the demarcation of astrology. There are various branches of astrology but one of the most important ones is career astrology. This may help one to get the answers to various problems and their solutions concerned with our career. Consisting of twelve houses in a horoscope, the career aspect is denoted by the 5th house, ascendant and the 10th house of the chart of a person.

Career astrology and birth chart

Here, I would like to explain how planets and the lordship of the planets in certain houses can determine the career prospect of a person. If a person is of Pisces ascendant, then he or she is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion. The fifth house is occupied by the lord cancer ruled by Moon. These people are dreamy and are very good in astrological science. They are also very proficient in speaking with depth due to the occupancy of Jupiter as their lord. But apart from the ascendant lord and fifth house, the Moon sign is also studied for complete verification of the career prospect of the person. Detailed analysis needs rising sign, sun sign and the moon sign. Our moon sign is what we are and if the position of moon in the birth chart is not so strong it can lead to weakness of thought and emotions which can lead to a dismantle career choice

Career and Gemstones

There are certain gemstones which work best for propelling the good effects of the planets as per their ruling lords and the lord of the fifth house

Aries – Ruby gemstone
Taurus – Emerald gemstone
Gemini – Diamond gemstone
Cancer – Red coral gemstone
Leo – Yellow sapphire gemstone
Virgo – Blue Sapphire gemstone
Libra – Blue sapphire gemstone
Scorpio – Yellow sapphire gemstone
Sagittarius – Red coral gemstone
Capricorn – Diamond gemstone
Aquarius – Emerald
Pisces – Pearl

Note – This is just a generalized recommendation of gemstone. Please consult an expert before wearing any gemstone. You can also career astrology service report to get detailed analysis of your career path and the growth in professional life. This service can help you to mend the lop holes which are running in your career and would enable you to take reasonable decision regarding career growth.



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