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Importance of Vedic Gemstones

Vedic gemstones are the stone which are chosen by the analysis of the Vedic Birth chart and also known as Kundli. Each prescribed gemstones represents energy of the concerned planet and harness that energy to bring about positive outcome in life. Importance of Vedic gemstones can’t be ignored.

Vedic gemstones are used since time immemorial by celebrities, actors and people from all walks of life. They have even noticed huge success after wearing Vedic gemstones. If Vedic gemstones are prescribed and recommended properly by an expert astrologer then gemstones can bring profound effect in the life of the wearer.

What is a Vedic Gemstone Prescription?

A Vedic Gemstone is prescribed according to the Indian Astrology by thorough analysis of birth chart and objectives of the individual.

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Objectives for Vedic Gemstone Recommendation

  • For good health and wealth
  • For healing of diseases
  • Better communication skill
  • Gain of fixed assets as apartment and vehicle
  • Children in the family
  • Increase in self-confidence and courage
  • Excellent education
  • Increase of strength and vigor
  • Gain of inheritance and legacy
  • Success in business and small scale industries
  • New opportunities and success in travel
  • Visit abroad countries
  • Professional gains
  • Love marriage and children
  • Good sleep and rest
  • Success in entrepreneurship
  • Success in physical health

Method of Vedic Gem Prescription

The method of gemstone prescription is quite complex and thorough analysis is essential for proper gemstone recommendation. Detailed methodology consists of consideration of some of major points that an excellent astrologer can give. Some of the points to be kept in mind are;

  • Thorough analysis of birth chart
  • Special combinations of Yoga in the horoscope
  • Analysis of detailed planetary combinations
  • Studying future goals of an individual
Choice of Gemstones

After analyzing the detailed goals of the individual gemstone recommendation is made with the accurate weight of the gemstone along with the metal in which the gemstone is made. The metal is also important for the finger ring. Other considerations include wearing in the appropriate fingers or pendant etc. The birth chart or horoscope is the best pointer for these considerations.

Gemstone recommendation for true Jyotish gemstone should consist of high quality, good transparency, and free from any flaws as listed in the sacred texts.

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