Importance of Orange stone

Importance of Orange Stones

Orange stones carry their own characteristics and they are also associated with certain planets. In this write up we are describing about some important orange stones.


The carnelian is a symbol of the warm, vitalizing and positive energy of the earth. It reminds one of the works if one needs to do on this earth. Therefore, it is a very good grounding and anchoring stone for those inspired beings that need more earth in their nature. The carnelian has electro-magnetic properties which benefit everyone just by wearing it. It feeds energy directly through the skin, just as we breathe prana by inhaling air. It instills a feeling of well-being and inflowing power. It influences and regulates the intake of food, assimilation, and circulation.

The best carnelians have a beautiful reddish-gold translucent shine. They can be made into talismans by carving them with universal symbols or letters to create a word, or a prayer for more potency.

The carnelian can become powerful nature or earth ally. By seeking to connect deeply with the earth, we can actually reestablish our connection with the universe.

Fire Opal

The golden-orange fire opal has tremendous power to break up all forms of crystallization in the physical, etheric, or astral body. It has a luminous translucence, which symbolizes the fire of sacrifice. It represents one’s mission of mystical revelation toward illumination. It helps to contact the higher self in order to create less separation between the physical self and the soul self.

The warm orange tints give the positive qualities of vitality, energy, power and endurance. They aid the digestive system. The deeper reds give energy to the sexual chakra, while more golden shades influence the solar plexus and the digestive organs. The stone helps one to develop intuition.


This can be found in yellow as well as in orange stone. Amber is a light-weight gem and its origin is organic vegetable matter that was composed of various saps. These mineralized and fossilized, sometimes retain organic inclusions such as insects, ferns and flowers.

Amber has high vibratory rate and it purifies and cleans the whole system. It emits a strong magnetic flow, which balances the endocrine and digestive system. This helps to stabilize the spleen, the heart and the base of spine. The lighter golden stones deal with the mental, while the reddish darker shades deal with the regeneration aspect. They give warmth to cold areas of the body. They reestablish the power of the sun in our own sun center. The sacred beads of amber were made in the Orient. They were used in meditation and contemplation to help the soul reach enlightenment, to reach the ray of sight or clairvoyance, which gives us external as well as inner vision.

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