Importance of Yogas In The Judgment of Horoscope

Importance of Yogas In The Judgment of Horoscope

Yoga is a Hindi word which means addition: Yogas, which are beneficial to the horoscope, gives benefit to the person. While in the judgment of Yogas a combination and the disposition of some planets are seen in such a way as to mar improve the structure of the horoscope.
Good disposition of the auspicious planets in the horoscope give rise to beneficial Yogas, which have been given different names as Dhana Yogas meaning wealth giving Yogas, Raja Yogas meaning combinations, which give name, fame, honor, and wealth to the native. The correct judgment of Yogas is essential for the proper analysis of one’s horoscope. Merely by calculating and predicting, the planetary position is not the correct way for astrological predictions. Proper remedies and proper recommendations of gemstones are essential but after studying the Yogas aspecting the horoscope. Sometimes, it happens that certain planetary position is favoring for certain gemstone but the Yogas in the horoscope may not be favorable for the gemstone that is favoring in an aspect of planets. Therefore, in this situation, it is desirable to have a complete analysis of the horoscope. A minute mistake can do blunders to the life of a person. An expert astrologer can predict the desirable remedies after going through the planetary position and Yogas, which was expected during the time of birth.
Some of the highly categorized Yogas are called Maha Bhagya Yogas, Maharaja Yogas etc., to the native. There are thousands of them and it is not possible to bring a complete description of Yogas in a single article.

Some of the important Yogas that can be either beneficial or harmful for the native are-
a) Dhana Yogas – The presence of Dhana Yogas can fulfill all worldly desire of a person without any hurdles because each of us urges for money and wealth. We work and try to earn more and more so that we can fulfill our desire and family member desire. According to astrological science, these Yogas will only bear fruit if they are formed in the auspicious houses i.e. 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th. The combination will be of little value if they are formed in the houses i.e. 3, 6, 8 and 12. For an existence of Dhana Yogas, there should be a mutual and benefit aspect of planets in a horoscope.

b) Daridra Yogas – Daridra Yogas are formed if the combination of lords of 6thand 2nd house occurs, 6th and 1st house, 6th and 4th houses, 6th and 7th houses, 12th and 5th houses, and 12th and 7th houses. In this Yoga, all the combinations are with 6th house. The sixth house is the house of disease and sufferings. Therefore, the combinations of 6th house with any other house in a horoscope can bring Daridra Yogas. This Yoga brings loss and sufferings in the lifespan of a person. The presence of this Yoga also negates any incoming luck in the life.
So after proper analysis of a horoscope, it is highly recommended to wear a proper gemstone and perform suitable remedies for suppressing the Daridra Yoga and other Yogas that are formed by the improper combination of malefic and benefic planets.



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