Increase Concentration Power

Increase Concentration Power

Ways to increase concentration power
Now days, the most common problems the world is facing is the lack of concentration and the memory power in the kids. The parents are worried because their kids do not pay attention and they forget the things that they learnt in school. Parents continuously strive to know the good for their children to increase the concentration power and memory of the child. They move here and there to find beneficial concentration tips for their children.

Root of distractions
Children are highly affected by the distractions and they loss proper concentration while studying. It’s very easy to become a victim of distraction. There are lot of social media that can cause huge amount of chaos in a children mind. The brain is a very delicate part of the body and if it is occupied whole day by certain amount of mischief, slowly it loses the concentration and the power to grab the things that children learn. This also happens with the adults along with the kids.
Sometimes we have seen a student sitting in the classroom but they don’t grab the things that teacher speaks in the classroom, this is because the student is occupied with some other thoughts such as facebook, Instagram and other social media. Mind is monkey and it keeps on jumping from here and there, making it difficult to focus attention on the things that are beneficial to them.

How distractions affects the mind and the brain
There are many distractions present in our environment. People are not aware of the distractions that can damage their concentration. The performance is deteoriated and even the people miss the important life lessons of life. The thoughts are the most powerful talisman that helps in the success because we end up what we are focusing on and most of them are illusions and worries. These are called as illusions because they don’t have anything to do with the content and with current reality or true purpose in life.

It’s very essential to train the mind and the senses for gaining success. The best therapy is the meditation, kriya and the yoga. It is to be practiced every day for the maximum benefit. Fasting once a week can help to overcome the same to the maximum extent. Reading motivational books and attending spiritual seminars can help to attain peace of mind and concentration.
It is also advised to have a social connection and gathering for minor every week. It’s better if you make a distance from T.V, listening to the music, and social media. Try to avoid non-veg food and develop a satvik diet, which comprises vegetables, fruits and wholesome grains. Last but not the least connects with your soul and your goal for the maximum benefit.

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