Incredible Panna Stone

Incredible Panna Stone

Panna gemstone is also called as Emerald gemstone. It holds a top notch position among the gemstone lovers and these days it is one of the most fascinated gemstone. Another popular characteristic that makes the Panna stone class-apart is its ruler Mercury. It is the planet of growth and wisdom and is followed in gems therapy. It is one of the most effective gemstone that brings the positive vibrations of Mercury planet. By wearing Panna or Emerald gemstone, gives good luck and multifarious benefits.
1) The wearer of Panna gemstone increases the creativity and artistic talents of the person. The wearer is able to ideate and innovate in a much moiré efficient manner after wearing this gemstone.

2) The Panna stone removes the speech related difficulties, allergies and nervous disorders and other respiratory ailments. People who suffer from any of these difficulties can wear panna stone and can get immense benefits and can also recover from all these troubles.

3) Wearing Panna stone results in the growth of intellectual capabilities of the person and also increases the effects of Mercury planet. This is the planet that helps an individual to derive a balanced perspective for better grasping power and helps to get better understanding of life.

4) If one chooses to wear Panna stone, it must be after consulting an expert astrologer. An expert astrologer will let you know whether panna is sufficient for you or not.

5) People with exalted Mercury in the birth chart are advised to wear panna stone as this stone can help to get the powers of Mercury. After wearing panna stone, people have seen their prospects and luck soaring high up in the sky.

6) If one is suffering from the problems of speech and stammering or lack of confidence, wear panna stone to see a remarkable improvement in their communication skills. Wearing this gemstone helps to climb up the ladder of success.

7) If you dream to become an orator with a clear and lucid style of communicating, then you can wear Emerald gemstone. This is because Mercury is the ruling planet of speech. It helps to attract powerful vibrations of Mercury.

8) Astrologers, healers and practitioners of divine arts can draw immense benefits in their line of work by wearing green emerald gemstone. This stone also enhances the intellect well being of a person.

9) The panna stone helps in increasing focus and concentration, so it is particularly helpful for the student. If your child is slow learner then after consulting astrologer let them wear panna stone.

10) An Emerald gemstone if given in the form of gift will bring immense benefit to Gemini’s and Virgos.

11) A pregnant women who wears panna stone does not have to endure long hours of labor.

12) Panna gemstone is useful or the people who are related to the field and astronomy.

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