Infertility treatment in India

Infertility Treatment In India

Infertility is when a female is unable to conceive or when the fertilization of sperm is not taking place properly. The fertilization and the formation of zygote is necessary for a pregnancy. Sometimes it happens that although of sexual act, there is a failed fertilization. This can be called as an infertile condition or inability of reproduce young ones. In such case a couple can approach IVF center for the treatment.

We can keep this brief introduction for an inability to form zygote, the first stage of pregnancy. But sometimes there is a grave problem associated with the couple to start a family the presence of nil sperm or low sperm count. This is also an infertile condition and in medical terminology, we call it as Azoospermia. So what is Azoospermia, let us analyse the different factors responsible for azoospermia and the treatment followed for curing this condition.

Azoospermia – Male Infertility

Azoospermia occurs in male. Out of 100 male percentages, 5% of them suffer from Azoospermia. It is commonly described as low sperm count. This can occur due to the blockage that leads to the problem of ejaculation even after normal production of sperm. Sometimes it also occurs due to low sex drive and impotence in male.

Classification of Azoospermia

We can classify Azoospermia into 4 types:

Pre-testicular Azoospermia

Testicular Azoospermia

Post Testicular Azoospermia

Idiopathic Azoospermia

Pre-testicular Azoospermia – This azoospermia is characterized by less stimulation even after normal testicles.

Testicular Azoospermia – In this condition there is no sperm production but testes are normal.

Post Testicular – 50% of men suffers from this condition. In this condition, there is the production of sperm but no ejaculation.

Idiopathic Azoospermia – This occurs due to the risk factors like age and weight.

Ayurveda is a very old principle of ancient India. We can’t deny the power of Ayurveda. The ingredients of powerful herbs are enough for the treatment of any diseases. Ayurvedic treatment of Azoopsermia is authentic and 100 percent effective for the men suffering from this condition. There are 5 top ayurvedic herbs which helps to combat the male infertility or low sperm count.

Ashwagandha – It is used in many ayurvedic treatments because it has lot of medicinal values. This herb provides a cure for all infertility problems.

Shatavari – It is a very powerful herb for male infertility. It is used as an aphrodisiac because it enhances the production of sperm. It has the property of calming and stimulating.

Kaunch – Kaunch is a powerful herb used in the male infertility. It is very powerful for premature ejaculation. Consuming kaunch helps to increase the sperm count in male.

Talmakhana – This is a powerful herb which treats the semen qualtity and quality. It is also helpful for fixing the premature ejaculation because it increases the blood circulation for the male organ.

Shilajit – Shilajit is a herb which is very powerful for the Ayurvedic treatment of male infertility. It helps to cure all erection problems completely. It increases blood circulation to the male organ.

The treatment of Infertility by Ayurveda can help the childless couple to enjoy the blessings of parenthood.



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