Vocation in astrology

Interpretation of Vocation through Astrology

Astrology is a divine and spiritual science. If we analyse various aspects of astrology, we can get answers to our various problems. It is well-known that there are 12 houses in astrology and 9 planets that plays a very important role to shape our destiny.

  1. How are predictions on profession made?

Some read profession from the 10th house from the Ascendant or the Moon. Some read it from Navmasha lord of the lord of the 10th.

  1. Form which Bhava or planet can the place o direction of one’s livelihood be ascertained?

Ordinarily the 10th Bhava is the one that denotes all particulars relating to one’s livelihood including the place or direction; the sign that is found on the cusp of that Bhava determines the place or direction one has to look to for the line of least resistance.  The lord of 10th Bhava is in some Namasa. The sign in which that lord is placed, the lord of the 10th, and also the sign in which the Sun is located have also subsidiary importance.

  1. What makes one actor or singer?

Generally Venus should be strong in the horoscope before one can be a good actor or singer. If this is to be adopted as profession, Venus must be intimately connected with the 10th Bhava in some way or the other.

  1. How a horoscope can determine that a man will prosper in mining?

All movable signs indicate Dhatus. The Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are Dhatu Grahas. Aswini, Rohini, Punarvasu, Magha, Hasta, Vishaka, Moola, Sravana and Poorvabhadara are dhatu bakshatras. When the house of wealth or house of property is a movable sign, and when Dhatu Grahas are posited in the same and when the combinations of 2 and 4 indicate Dhatu constellations, we can say that native is an owner of mines.

  1. How to predict transfer in a horoscope?

If it is a professional transfer, the 10th lord and the planet is the 10th, both from the Ascendant and the Moon must be carefully looked in to. If it is a change of residence from one house to another, the 4th house lord may be examined. If it is a change from one place to another then 3rd and 9th house is studied and their lords.

  1. How we can judge success and failure in a lottery?

The lord of the 4th house should be in the vargas of the lord of the 11th. He should be strong and posited in the 11th house or 5th house.

  1. What makes one an engineer or a teacher?

If Venus becomes the strongest planet with reference to the 10th Bhava, and occupies powerful places from lagna and the Moon and joins Mercury, the native becomes an engineer. If the lord of 10th occupies Cancer navmasa and is aspected or joined by Saturn, the native becomes an agricultural demonstrator.

  1. How we can predict from birth-chart gain or loss in lotteries?

The 4th and 9th houses represent lotteries. Libra also governs the same. Venus and Jupiter also represent the same. The lord of the 4th and 9th and planets posited in the 4th and 9th is also analysed.

      9. How to predict a person is prospering in hotel-keeping business?

Mars governs hotels. If the native’s horoscope has more martian vargas he or she can do well in this business.

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