June Birthstone

June Birthstone

June is one of only two months that is associated with three birthstones. It gives the lucky people who are born in June a choice of three gemstones i.e. pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone. June’s birthstones can start from creamy-colored opalescent pearl and moonstone to the rare color-changing alexandrite i.e. one of the most valuable gemstones on earth.


Pearls have an organic origin. These beautiful white stones are created inside the shells of the oysters and clams. Some pearls are found naturally inside the mollusks that live in freshwater settings such as rivers and sea. Pearls are mostly made of aragonite, a soft carbonate mineral that makes up the shells of mollusks.
Pearls possess delicate translucence and luster that makes them more superior than other gemstones. The color of the pearl depends on the species of the mollusks that produced it. However, pearls are also found in the shades of black, lavender, green and mauve. Black pearls are found in the Gulf of Mexico
Japan is famous for its cultured pearls. Everyone in Japan has heard of Mikimoto pearls, which is named after the creator of the industry, kokichi Mikimoto. The cultured pearls are bred in large numbers in Japan.
The largest pearl in the world is about three inches long and two inches across, weighing one-third of a pound. It is called the Pearl of Asia and it was a gift from Shah Jahan of India to his favorite wife, Mumtaz, for whom he also built the Taj Mahal.


Moonstone is the second birthstone of June. Moonstones are named for the bluish-white spots within them. When the stone is moved back and forth, the brilliant silvery rays appear to move about, like moonbeams playing over water. This gemstone belongs to the feldspar, an important group of silicate minerals that are commonly found in rocks. Rare geologic conditions produce gem varieties of feldspar such as moonstone, labradorite, amazonite, and Sunstone. They appeared as large clean mineral grains, which are found in pegmatites (coarse-grained igneous rock) and ancient deep crustal rocks.


June’s is the third birthstone is the alexandrite. Alexandrite possesses an enchanting chameleon-like personality and in the daylight, it appears as a beautiful green and sometimes bluish or brownish in appearance. It belongs to the Chrysoberyl family, mineral beryllium oxide in chemistry jargon. It contains the element beryllium, aluminum, and oxygen. Alexandrite is an uncommon stone and therefore is an expensive stone. Sri Lanka is the main source of alexandrite and stone is also found in Brazil, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. Synthetic alexandrite is a reddish-hued amethyst with a tinge of green. It is manufactured but the color change can be seen from natural to artificial lighting.



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