Jupiter Goes Direct In Virgo

Jupiter Goes Direct In Virgo

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system is one of the most auspicious planets and it gives a good and positive result to the house which it traverses. Jupiter has gone direct in Virgo on 9th June and is all ready to move into the house of Libra in September 2017.

Effect on Aries
For the Aries born, this transit can bring the health-related issue. Jupiter will aspect your 2nd and 10th house so there can be some positive development in your career also. There are maximum chances of job change or promotion. There may be a hindrance from the secret enemy.

Effect on Taurus
Jupiter is moving to the 5th house of Taurus, it will bring happiness and good news for the Taurus born. Students will enjoy good academic development and can also get admissions in good schools and colleges. Travel is on the cards and eligible one may get good job. Some delightful news is waiting after 4th July.

Effect on Gemini
Jupiter is moving on your 4th house of Gemini natives. This position will give good result to this native. There may be financial help from the near and the dear ones. There can be some mental confusion that can affect your life.

Effect on Cancer
During this transit, Jupiter will be moving to the 3rd house in your horoscope. This is a very fine period for you. You’ll get some benefits on July 4th, 2017. Some of the pending works may be completed during this period.

Effect on Leo
Jupiter will be moving to the 2nd house in your horoscope. This time will be highly beneficial to you. The coming troubles will vanish and you’ll enjoy your promotion in your career and you may hear good news.

Effect on Virgo
This will bring both the positive and the negative aspect of Virgo sign. Negative in the sense, you may suffer from some disease and health-related problems and positive in the sense you may get your ongoing project a mark of completion.

Effect on Libra
Jupiter will be in position in your 12th house of the Libra born individual. This is a movement that will bring good news for you. People who are looking for a job change may get good news but there may be some mental stress. So you’ve to be careful regarding any important decision in your life.

Effect on Scorpio
Jupiter will move in your 11th house. It will create the favourable position for you. All your troubles will vanish and you will see good times from 20th June onwards.

Effect on Sagittarius
For the Sagittarius born natives, Jupiter will move in the 10th house. Overall, this transit will be highly favourable for you. You may experience some problems but the problems will be resolved very soon. The troubles in the relationship especially with the siblings are expected.

Effect on Capricorn
The natives of Capricorn will have Jupiter in your 9th house. This time will bring good fortune in your life. You’ll be blessed with charm and happiness and prosperity. Businessperson and serviceman will get good result of their hard work.

Effect on Aquarius
In the horoscope of Aquarians, Jupiter will be moving to the 8th house. This is a position that will bring problems in your life and it may be personal and financial in terms. That is why it is advised to make a sort of investment that can benefit you in the long run.

Effect on Pisces
Jupiter will be moving in the 7th house for Pisces born person. This is a good time to develop new contact. The malefic planets will not affect you in this period. The health will also remain sound.

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