Jupiter Transit to Libra 2017

Jupiter Transit to Libra 2017

Jupiter had transited to Libra on 12-09-17 at 07:59 AM. It would occupy Libra for a period of one year approximately and then again will transit to the next sign. Jupiter is the most benevolent planet and largest planet in the solar system. In Astrology, it governs important aspects such as marriage, children, income, elder brother and auspicious occasions in the family. The following are the likely results of this transit to the different Moon zodiac signs.

Jupiter would be transiting to 7th house. You can expect peace of mind and oneness with yourself. You’ll be able to maintain a happy and cheerful disposition with your family members and colleagues and will keep others also happy.

Jupiter would transit to 6th house. You can expect a favorable job change or a change in job role. Your professional life will be going to boom and will roll back in a better fashion. But avoid taking risk such as fresh loans and be wise while incurring capital expenditure. Maintain a healthy workout balance.

Jupiter would transit to 5th house. Your children would gain centre of attraction and it would be wise to spend some quality time with them. There will be favorable time for your father ahead and you can expect some benefits from him. Your income levels will increase slightly. There will be mental peace and oneness with yourself.

Jupiter would transit to 4th house. You would experience harmony in your domestic life and would gain in occult science. Your professional life will experience a paradigm change and this change would yield good result. Almighty will be with you.

Jupiter would transit to 3rd house. Wedding bells would be ringing for those who are unmarried and would be a good time to show versatility and talents in your work so that superiors can be impressed. You would gain recognition and rewards during this transition. Your income would increase significantly.

Jupiter would transit to 2nd house. Your family bonding would improve and you would feel that cohesiveness with your spouse and children that you always wanted. It would be good time to earn, save and invest. This is also a good time to change over to some new jobs in favorable position. There can be some source of additional income.

Jupiter would transit to Lagna/First house. This would be a very favorable placement for Jupiter and you can expect complete mental peace, happiness for children and overall growth in life. You can expect opportunities for growth at work that can lead you to next league in your work set up. Those who are single will find the partner of their life. Your cash flows from business/profession would improve steadily

Jupiter would transit to 12th house. There would be an inclination towards spiritualism and you would like to spend your time with learned people. But your expenditure may rise so it’s better to have a proper check on the same. Your elder child may get good opportunity from abroad. There would be happy occasions in the family.

Jupiter would transit to 11th house. This can be termed as one of the best transits for Jupiter. You can expect recognition, rewards and promotion. It would be a very favorable time to get married and there would be like opportunities for it. There are good chances for multiple sources of income and your overall standard will increase. You’ll spend quality time with your spouse.

Jupiter would transit to 10th house. There would be much growth in your professional life and you’ll be fairly satisfied with it. Your work would get recognition and there would suitable results on account of your actions/efforts. There will be improved in the personal savings and your investments will reap benefits. Your home environment will be very pleasant and you would be able to maintain a happy and cheerful disposition.

Jupiter would transit to 9th house. There would be opportunities for traveling abroad and you’ll benefit on account of that. You would be under complete peace and oneness with yourself and with the surroundings. The main attractions would be towards your children and happiness will prevail in their life. There would be a cordial relationship with your parents and especially the father. Your professional life will become stable.

Jupiter would transit to 8th house. There is a need to maintain optimism in your behaviour and think properly before finalizing any decision. Pessimism can land you into trouble. Delays can hamper your happiness. This is not a good time to make changes in your profession and it’s better if your stick to your previous work. Develop an inclination towards Almighty so that you can be at mental peace.

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