KaalYoga तेरह दिन का पक्ष 7 Sep 2021

KaalYoga तेरह दिन का पक्ष 7 Sep 2021 | Countdown of World War

Since 2019 world has been struggling with difficult times. Problems are lined up one after the other in a row. Recently armed Conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, power struggle between Israel and Gaza and last year a mini war between America and Iran also took place. World has not been able to come out of COVID Holocaust completely despite vaccination and this virus is mutating further. 

With Bhadrapad month and Shukla paksha, A 13 days paksha (तेरह दिन का पक्ष) is going to start on 7 September. In Mahabharata when war between Kaurava and Pandavs happened, the same paksha started before the war. After which an entire civilization was vanished and only some people were left. Those who have read Bhagvad Puran can check that it states that this 13 days paksha destroys the king and kinsmen and also results in meteor shower. Krishna paksha  and shukla paksha both are off 15 days each. It happens rarely that due one day plus minus, this paksha can be of 14 days or 16 days but never of 13 days. this is a rare combination.

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This is also called ‘Vishwaghastra’ or ‘Kaal yoga’. Though only few countries will be affected, the entire world will have side effects as we are living in global era. During this Shukra nakshatra, the entire world will conspire to get their motives sorted. Brihad Samhita says that when Sun and Jupiter are in Aries, it gives destructive results. 

Rahu indicates status of Islam and people within the community are going to devastate each other. Jupiter in seventh house predicts war like situation which will be followed by incurable diseases which may lead to another pandemic resulting mass death. climate changes, earthquakes , volcanic eruptions, forest fire can be the reasons of people’s death on a large scale.14 September 2021 shows countdown of war between countries and different religion to fall in a major conflict damaging world peace. China, Nepal, Burma, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Eastern, south west and north East part of India, Iraq, Iran, Soudi Arabia, Canada,UK, US will become prey of natural calamities.

Medini Astrology indicates the abovesaid probable incidents to happen due to this deadly 13 day paksha.



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