Kali Puja Benefits

Kali Puja Benefits

Kali Puja is also called as Shyama Puja. This is a very popular Puja especially in the West Bengal in India. But it is also performed in several other states. Kali Puja is done to appease Lord Kali. The main Kali Puja occurs on Diwali night ( Amawasya in the Kartika month ). However, Kali Puja can also be performed on moon day ( Amavasya ). It helps to relieve tensions and distress. If you’re not finding any light in your life, then observe Kali Puja on the nearest Amavasya day and you will be relieved from troubles and sufferings. The numerous benefits of Kali Puja are:
Cures all the deadly diseases and also boosts up the confidence and mental health
• It removes the pain and sufferings that is cause by the multifarious causes and improves relationships in the family.
• Removes all negative energies from the house and also brings peace and happiness.
• It helps to clear off debts and achieve a stable and prosperous life.
• Kali Puja can liberate the individual and also guide for the attainment of wisdom.

The Mythology of Kali Puja
Goddess kali has various forms and appears as n embodiment of Shakti, the eternal energy of cosmic power. She is also the Goddess of Tantrism or the Indian Black Magic. Using the powerful imagery of paintings, sculptures, and writings, the celebration of Kali Puja explores and illumines the rich meanings of feminine divinity.

The rituals
The rituals of kali Puja is very simple and plain. Cooking and preparation is not needed to satisfy Kali Maa. Even ‘soma ras’ or pure wine is offered as a ‘bhog’ to Ma Kali. The main Puja of Kali starts at midnight and continues till dawn. Ma Kali is worshipped amidst the bursting of crackers.

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