Kamdhenu cow

Kamadhenu Cow

Kamdhenu Cow is a divine cow also known as “Cow of Wish” It holds the divinity of Gods. This is a heavenly cow and found in heaven. Kamdhenu cow bestows the worshipper with good health, happiness and wealth. He who worships Kamadhenu Cow gets blessings of all Gods. Kamadhenu Cow is a Vastu Item. At you can easily get the information about Kamadhenu Cow. We have variety of Kamadhenu cow made in different metals.

Various Names of Kamadhenu

Kamadhenu is the divine cow. This sacred cow, which lives in Heaven (swarglok), came from Kshira-sagar during the time of Samundra-Manthan (the churning of ocean of milk by the Deities) and Demons (Asuras ). The body parts of Kamadhenu Cow are very significant. The four legs of Kamadhenu symbolize our four Vedas and her horns depicts the triune gods; Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Her eyes depict the Gods Sun and Moon. Her shoulders are Agni, the God of fire, and Vayu, the God of wind.

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Various Names of Kamadhenu

She is known by various names such as Surabhi –the fragrant one. Kamadhenu is also known as Matrika, also called as Matara and her other names are Kapila ( the red one ) and Sabal ( Spotted one )

Kamadhenu Cow Mantra

Namo Devyai Maha Devyai

Surabhyai Cha Namo Namah|

Gavam Bheeja Swaroopaaya

Namaste Jagad Ambike||

Lord Indra prayed above Stotra ( Vedic texts ) for Kamadhenu.  The meaning of this Strotas is the great Goddess who fulfills devotes all wish.

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Kamadhenu Pooja and Benefits

Kamadhenu is worshipped as sacred animal and it is also one form of Lord Vishnu. The house in which Kamadhenu is kept should be decorated with flower after Ganesha Pooja. AArti should be performed in the same way as we perform to Lord Vishnu. Worshipping Kamadhenu Cow with her calf “Nandini” is very aucpicious.

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