How to Know If Blue Sapphire Suits You

How to Know If Blue Sapphire Suits You

How to Know if Blue Sapphire Suits You?
In general wearing gemstone after proper recommendation is good. It is always advised to wear gemstone after proper consultation of the birth chart by an expert astrologer. But gemstone should be also of good quality because poor result may be due to poor quality stone with flaws.

Flaws in Blue Sapphire and Side effects
16 major flaws have listed in the sacred texts for original and genuine Blue Sapphire. Different flaws have different side effects of Blue Sapphire and it should be evaluated by a qualified Astro Gemologist before wearing it. One of the known flaws listed in the sacred texts for Blue Sapphire is “Dudhiya”.

This flaws can be identified by spiral inclusions in the gemstone that give it a Milky appearance. This flaws can give side effects such as loss of reputation, tarnish of images, problems to one’s children. Similarly, other flaws are loss in business, a creation of debt, loss in the relationship.

How to avoid side effects of Blue Sapphire Gemstone
Before buying Blue Sapphire makes sure you get a true Jyotish Gemstone evaluated and recommended by a qualified Astro Gemologist. But sometimes, both Jyotish Gemstone and qualified Astro Gemologist are very rare and there are the enormous amount of poor quality treated stones in the open market supplied by quacks, astrologers and jewelers.

Symptoms of a Blue Sapphire suiting you

– If nothing happens in the early 72 hours, it means that the Gem has adjusted to your body.

– If you get good news than it is working good.

-If you see the dream of sex, love, passion, and intimacy then Blue Sapphire is working. This means it is activating Mooldhara Chakra.

– If you get money or something valuable after wearing a gemstone.

– If you get a job or money after wearing Blue Sapphire.

Symptoms of a Blue Sapphire not suiting you

– You are getting sick continuously.

– The bad news is haunting you.

– You have an accident or ill fate meeting.

– You see the violent and arrogant person in dreams.

The Blue Sapphire is a gemstone associated with Saturn. There is much myth associated with Blue Sapphire. Before buying Blue Sapphire makes sure you get original gemstone for wearing. Get the consultation with Astro Gemologist and Jyotish Gemstone. If this auspicious gemstone gives good results to you it can help to attain a healthy life and wealthy life. Before buying Blue Sapphire Gemstone make sure to get a genuine certificate of authentication from a reputed gem lab. If you wish to blue sapphire online from India, USA, and the UK, then you may visit e-store of We’re the leaders in the gemstone industry and all our gemstone are certified by a reputed gem lab. All our gemstones are available at a wholesale price. The price of the stone depends on the cut, color, and clarity. The best quality gemstone may costs between INR 2000 to INR 10,000 per carat.



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