lal kitab remedies for children

Lal Kitab Remedies for Children Education

Lal Kitab Remedies for Good Education of Children
Education is one of the most essential need of a good civilized society. If the person is not educated then he or she cannot get well with an educated society. One educated person in a society can educate hundreds of people.
Education and exams are the most important part of a student life. Parents are always worried about their child performance in the classroom. Sometimes, it also happens that before the final semester or the summative and the formative assessment, students get nervous and they go deep in the anxiety. This can be due to the peer pressure that student experiences and sometimes due to the pressure from their homes. The pressure from the parents to score maximum marks give them sleepless might.
In this article, we are concerned about your child education. Is your child giving sufficient amount of effort but still he is not successful? Is he is sincere, but still he fear to sit in the exams? If answer is ‘yes’, then this is the perfect time to look for the remedies provided in the Lal Kitab – as it has numerous solutions for your problems.

Some of the basic remedies for your children education problems can be summed up as follows-
1) If your child is having problem in concentration, then you may put green curtain in his or her study toom. It is good, if you ask him to pray Goddess Saraswati and the beej mantra ( Om Shreem Hreem Sraswati Ya Namag ) 21 times.
2) Offer five different types of sweets to the Peepal tree on Thursday along with the two green pieces of cardamom.
3) For a powerful memory, give your child one teaspoon of Tulsi juice with honey every morning after breakfast.
4) Make a combination of Roli, sugar and rose petals. Keep it in a copper container, and offer it to the Sun Lord. Also donate things to the poor preferably red things.
5) To improve the concentration of your child, make a pendant with a small piece of copper and tell him to wear it around the neck.
6) Regular recitation of Gayatri Mantra, 21 times in a day along with ‘Om ‘ chanting can help to increase the concentration power of your child.
7) Sometimes the position of planets in a horoscope is also essential to analuse if your child is unable to cope up with the weak memory. Mercury is the planet of education and knowledge. Its position should be in a benefic house to reap the maximum benefit. If the placement of this vital planet is not beneficial, then proper astrological advice should be taken.
8) Bed should be placed in the southwest corner in the kids room and his head should be towards east or south direction.
9) The study desk should be placed in such a way that child faces east, north, or northeast while studying.
10) For positive energy in the child room, keep the unnecessary things away such as wall hangings, furniture and other play materials.

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