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Most to Least Attractive Zodiac Signs

Everyone is born different and your zodiac sign reveals the actual traits of your personality. Pisces are known for their emotional conduct, Arise and Taurus for Aggression and Cancer as a compassionate being. Some people are loved by all and some are misunderstood. But what makes you different? Here is the list of most to least attractive Zodiac signs. Quickly have a look!

  • Gemini

As a youthful and carefree personality, Gemini loves to live their life on their own rules.  Gemini is always open to new experiences and variations in life and hate to be confined in set boundaries.  Gemini is known for their charismatic and intelligence.

 Wherever you go, you steal the show with your jolly and outspoken personality. Even though Gemini can be inconsistent at times, this doesn’t stop them from motivating people. You don’t hold onto disappointments and that’s why you are preferred as a company to be with. No doubt! Gemini’s this carefree trait make them loved among all!  All Thanks to Mercury! Your ruling planet!

  • Leo

Boldness is the second name of your personality. You don’t entertain negatives vibes, only prefer cheerful company.  If people try to mislead you, you always forgive them for retaining your image as forgiving and generous-hearted. You can be bossy at times but what draws individuals towards you is your bold and faithful personality. You are a roaring lion with a kind heart!

  • Aquarius

Aquarians! You are renowned as a down to earth personality with a humanitarian bend. You are always on with an extended hand to help someone in need and never brag about it. Aquarius is all for people, and expect simple things from life. You are always a step ahead in forging out different ways to help the one in need.

The close ones knock your doors first as they count on you as an honest and good friend. You adopt a practical and calm approach while dealing with the things, which makes you a leader. Your wisdom and generosity is what makes individuals fall prey to your charm.

  • Aries

You are a natural born leader, always up for the fresh challenges. You are always there for your close friends when they need you the most. People choose you as their leader owing to your responsible and hardworking personality. You are a great inspiration for others. You always look on the positive aspect of the personality rather then criticizing the individuals. Inspiring and leadership quality makes you one of the most attractive sign in the zodiac.

  • Cancer

Cancerians are the most compassionate and reserved beings.  You are sympathetic and understanding towards other. This sensitivity of yours offends you quiet often.  No matter what, you are always up for your family and shelter them from any mishappenings in life.  You are committed and loyal to your partner and never bulge from showing your affection for them.  You never r sacrifice on your well-being and are conscious about your health.

  • Capricorn

You are just concerned about one thing in life: SUCCESS.  You walk by a strong work ethic for achieving your goals and this conducts of yours is often mistaken for rudeness by others. All you care about it success and a secured lifestyle. Your knowledge and expertise is what make you achieve success. Your loyalty and dedication becomes the talk of the town!  This makes others drawn towards you.

  • Sagittarius

You have a diverse mindset and are inclined towards spiritualty and philosophy. You are the greatest observer of the world you surround you. You are highly optimistic and a risk taker and aren’t concerned about the outcomes of your decision. Being the happiest sign of the zodiac, you are an over-reacher and desire to explore the world with a broader lens; but Sagittarians you often forget to realize the boundaries that exist.

  • Pisces

The sympathetic, compassionate, emotional, selfless are some of the attributes commonly associated with Pisces. You are an escapist! If anything doesn’t go your way, you tend to escape from the reality and vanish in your thoughts. Even your closest friends can’t assuredly say that they know you completely.  You can be very sensitive at times but your faithful and loving nature makes you perfect choice for a committed relationship.

  • Virgo

Virgos are known as intellectuals and problem solver. It is difficult for Virgo to make friends as you always go for the perfect one. You aren’t a social being and lack emotional connectivity with the people. Your innovations and teaching are a great source of satisfaction to you.

  • Taurus

You are often projected as a stubborn personality and a difficult to please personality. In reality you are full of love and have a long lasting fruitful relationship with your partner. Your excessive possessive and aggressive vanity distracts you. It’s just you tend to be reserve about your emotions. Vent your heart out, without the fear of rejection!

  • Libra

Libra’s biggest fear accounts to “Staying Alone”. You are always on the search for the perfection and fail to appreciate little things that you have. You are compassionate and ambitious. Libras are known for making reckless decisions out of uncertainty. You need to break the laze spell for realizing your dreams.

  • Scorpio

Known for being a loyal friend with great leadership qualities, have trust issues with individuals. You often examine a person prior to making them your buddy. You struggle hard for being optimistic, which is a major setback in achieving your goals. Appreciate what you have and take decisions thoughtfully.

So, what’s your Zodiac sign? This was indeed interesting. Hope you enjoyed reading it. For astrology consultations, you can contact the best astrologer, Astro Kapoor.



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