Leo Characteristics

Leo Characteristics

Leo – The Lion
The person born under Leo aspect is full stature with well-developed bones and broad shoulders. The Leo has a commanding appearance with a big and a round oval face. The hairs are shiny and glossy and eyebrows impose a royal and dignified appearance.

The person of Leo is a frank and generous, magnanimous and ambitious. The native scorns all sordid and puny actions due to its magnanimity and makes use of every opportunity that arises. He loves leadership and makes use of every single opportunity. He has a firm will and a forgiving spirit to assist him in all his endeavors to attain a domineering and an elevated position in life. Endurance and confidence in self help them through many difficult tasks he has to undertake. The person born under the Leo sign attains eminence and fame and due to its fixed purpose and belonging to a fixed sign, he retained it to the end. This sign belongs to a natural fifth house, the person of Leo is interested in drama, poetry and fine arts. Possessing a good memory, order and method, he becomes successful in life. The hasty temper when provoked is easily tones down and he never does any wrong to others.

The pride of the family is great hindrance in the success of Leo ascendant and he defends whom he loves and thus never likes his children to be neglected or curbed. Love is blind with him as his affections are more self-centered rather than universal as the person of Aquarius, the opposite and complementary sign of Leo. The Leo ascendant is loyal like king and aristocracy and honor often comes to him usually unsought for. There is a degree of perfection, this makes brilliant conversationalist, and necessity makes him spring into action and shove off indolence and love of case. The person born under this sign has his own opinions on the wrong and the right things of life.

Weaknesses – The Leo born has little dogmatism and love of display and approbation. A little arrogance is always present in the Leo born and forced conclusions at a risk of personal self.
Diseases – The Leo born may suffer from the heart and spine disease and aneurism. Spinal meningitis is the most common. Angina pectoris, palpitations and hydraemia is one of the most common diseases caused to the Leo ascendant.

Leo Friendship
Leo makes great friendship. They are highly enthusiastic and they attract the people towards them. They never dwell in the past and they pamper their friends and treat them well. They do not hold a grudge for the friends and treat them well in all conditions and situations. They have respect for the people differences and they help their friends till maximum.

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