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Mercury retrograde

Love Letter from Mercury to Earth

Beware – I am Retrograde
Hello people on earth! I am retrograde and I want to explain you about impact that can leave in your life.

I am fast moving, 88 days of your life belongs to me.

I do tedious task which includes managing communication as listening, reading, learning, editing, writing, research and programming.

Trade and commerce is under my supervision and so activities like selling, buying and negotiation etc are ruled by me.

What I do, when I am retrograde?

“I missed my flight, Oh! This is Mercury retrograde”. You booked your tickets without using your brain to see if you will have much time to take care of. Unless and until it is United Airlines – then blame it on them as they are delayed more often than others.

“My computer crashed. It is Mercury Retrograde” – When you ignore your computer for months.

“My phone contacts are lost”, Oh! Again its mercury retrogrades.

“I took a lease for 2 years, I thought it was 1, Now I have to suffer – dreaded mercury retrograde” – Don’t you have brain and eyes? You can’t read?

“I am late for an important meeting, thanks to mercury retrograde” – Yes, I have to check the traffic before leaving house? You are late riser, so you have to suffer.

“My phone ran down the battery, I charged my phone overnight”, but it forgot to plug the phone. Yes, Mercury is retrograde.

And there are many more inane incidents, how people on earth find creative and strong ways to blame me when I am retrograde.
Let’s see:
I missed my train – mercury is retrograde.

I lost my car keys – mercury is retrograde.

I lost my certificates – mercury is retrograde.

The milk is sour – mercury is retrograde.

My date was canceled – mercury is retrograde.

I booked wrong flight dates – mercury is retrograde.

I lost my charger – mercury is retrograde.

I have weak digestion – mercury is retrograde.

I am confused in my thinking – mercury is retrograde.

I am finding trouble with my love – mercury is retrograde.

I can’t concentrate on my studies – mercury is retrograde.

I am unable to find my bank passbook – mercury is retrograde.

I am worried and depressed – mercury is retrograde.

My computer is not working – mercury is retrograde.

My vehicle is out of order – mercury is retrograde.

I am feeling dull – mercury is retrograde.

I am at loss – mercury is retrograde.

I am unable to covey my thoughts – mercury is retrograde.

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