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Lucky Color For 2019

2019 is the earth pig year, if we analyse the Chinese horoscope. According to the Chinese horoscope, the lucky colour to wear for 2019 are basically white, orange, pink, red and grey. In addition, the specific earth colours can also be good for this year including yellow. These colours are recommended for wearing as well as for home décor. From numerology, 2019 adds upto 3, denoting the planet of growth and expansion Jupiter.

The trendy color of the year 2019

The red colour is the trendy colour of this year. This colour symbolizes the fire element and as per Chinese astrology, the pig is the 12th zodiac sign as it appears in the Chinese calendar. The water is the main agent and it is represented by blue colour. These colours are represented by red and white.


Blue is a discrete colour and it is also elegant. It marks the start of the warm season. So try to buy atleast one shirt and a saree of blue colour.


This is a colour which is always in fashion. It can seduce the eyes of the viewer and hence it is the perfect choice for an attractive outfit. It is associated with luck and attracts positive energy.


This is bright and a never miss colour for the spring-summer trend of the 2019. It is vivid, strong and a wonderful colour that add the radiance.


We never miss pink from our wardrobe. Lilac and peach are the ideal shades of pink. These colours can make the perfect setting for a romantic dinner date.

Lucky colors for house 2019

If you want to decorate your home with lucky colours and oink, red, blue are the great choices as they are in fact contemporary colours too. They provide interesting contrasts on your home and office interiors. These colours can be also matched easily. Red is an ideal choice for any location such as bathroom, bedroom and kitchen.

Lucky color to wear for 2019 marriages

Red and grey

If you tying the nuptial knot this year, then choose red and grey as a great combination. This is a bold kind of combination that can bestow an elegant look and it will also help you to stand out from the rest.

Pastel pink and light grey

This is also a good choice with slight light grey. This can be a unique combination that you will not see so easily.

Silver green and white

Silver colour is the star of the year 2019. It is deemed to be the favorite color for the weddings. You can mix it with the fresh green, white and can create stunning effect. This can be the best choice for weddings as well as outdoors organization.

Silver colour is said to be the star of the year 2019 as it is deemed the most favorite color for the weddings. While mixing it with white or fresh green, you can create a stunning effect. This can be the best choice for weddings organized outdoors.



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