lucky color for year 2018

Lucky color for Year 2018

Every individual is unique on this earth. The luck and the prospect of the people depend on the planets that are ruling the horoscope and their interaction with other planets. 2018 is a very significant year in relation to several astrological events that are taking place in this year. After considering different aspects related to horoscope of every zodiac sign, we are providing you the suggestion of lucky colors for 2018 by date of birth.

2018 Lucky Color for Aries
In 2018, Saturn and Venus are in a state of combustion in the tenth house. Saturn will demand hard work and put in good amount of efforts. This will be the right time for working towards progress and advancement. The Venus transit in August will bring good luck for you. Lucky color for 2018 is saffron and shades of yellow.

2018 Lucky Color for Taurus
In 2018, you will find Saturn and Venus in a state of combustion in the tenth house. Sun occupied in the tenth house will bring success. Grab the opportunities that are coming in your way. The Venus transit in August will bring good luck for you. Blue is lucky color for whole year.

2018 Lucky Color for Gemini
Venus in the middle of Feb will bring things in your favor. You can work on the weaker areas and try to focus them. Mercury will be in a retrograde position, so try to take up result oriented ventures. Jupiter will be positioned in the sixth house for most part of the year, you will find it very challenging. Cream and Green will be lucky color throughout the year.

2018 Lucky Color for Cancer
Saturn in your seventh house will not create favor for you. Mars and Jupiter are in favor to give you good career progress. Your wealth will be excellent this year. Maintain a balance during Mars retrograde. During this year, your lucky colors are going to be orange and white.

2018 Lucky Color for Leo
Jupiter will favor you with exciting new opportunities. But Saturn will look forward to give you new lesson in life. Mars will be highly favorable this year. New opportunities will come your way after second week of August. The lucky colors that are going to favor you this year are gold, orange, red and white.

2018 Lucky Color for Virgo
In the second week of January, Saturn will move in combustion period. This will shift you towards higher gear in your career area. Around middle of February, Venus will go combust, so new opportunities will benefit you during this year. However, during most part of the year, Jupiter will stay protect you from negative energy. Some lucky colors that will help you this year are orange, white, mushroom, grey and yellow.

2018 Lucky Color for Libra
In this year, Saturn and Venus will be combust. Saturn rising in January will give you good positon in work and profession. Mars transit in May will help you to bring you a strong drive to work for career growth. Your lucky colors for the year 2018 are blue and green.

2018 Lucky Color for Scorpio
During the most part of this year, Jupiter is moving through your sign. He will accompany Mars in the beginning of this year. This is a lucky sign for you. In the middle of March, Mars will move and will let you feel the compelling drive to give good boost in your career. The colors that will favor you during this year are rust color, red and scarlet.

2018 Lucky Color for Sagittarius
The position of Saturn requires you to balance your finances carefully. Take a practical approach towards life. Mars transition will force you to take impulsive decision in life. Think twice before taking any big decision in life. You will spend good time with your near ones. This year, the lucky colors for you are pink, red, purple and violet.

2018 Lucky Color for Capricorn
This year, major planetary combustion is seen. In the second week of January, planet of justice, Saturn will bring good and new opportunities for you. Venus will move to a better position in February 2018. You may get good boost in relationship building. The luckiest colors for you during this year are brown, steel, grey and black.

2018 Lucky Color for Aquarius
For the whole year, Saturn will travel to twelfth house. In the beginning of this year, try to adapt a positive and correct direction for your life. Venus will give you the right direction to take in your monetary control. Jupiter will help you to gain stability in your in your decision. With the blessings of most planets, you will have satisfactory finances this year. The colors that are going to bring in luck for you this year are blue, grey, black and blue-green.

2018 Lucky Color for Pisces
For most part of the year, Jupiter will view your sign. You’ll strike great deals in your life. There will be sharp rise in your social image. Jobholders will get excellent opportunity in this year. Mars retrograde will bring good opportunities for you. The lucky colors for you for this year are sea green, violet, purple, lilac and mauve.

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