Lucky Color for Your Zodiac this Holi 2018

Lucky Color for Your Zodiac this Holi 2018

Holi is the festival of colors and it is liked by all; old, children and adult. The uniqueness of this festival lies on its enchanting colors. Let’s explore lucky colours to be played with each for each zodiac sign!

People of this zodiac should play with copper, yellow and green color. This sign denotes people who are enthusiastic and over-energetic. Avoid black color on this day.

Ruler of Taurus, lover of all beauty, this colorful festival is played with much enthusiastic by the Taureans’. Pink, green, blue and white is the lucky color for Taurus born people. Avoid red color.

Gemini’s are social people and they get to meet lot of people even old friends on this day. To be happy and stay gorgeous, they should play with blue, pink, yellow and green. Avoid red and black color.

Holi is one of the happiest festivals for Cancerians’. They feel happy and energetic on this day because they meet lot of their old friends. To get relaxed on this day, they should play with red, yellow, white and green. Avoid Blue color.

This is a fiery sign means bright and bold. This is something that matches with your personality. Leo’s should go with purple, burnt, orange and all shades of blood and red color. They should avoid black color.

Virgo is an earthy element. This shows that Virgos’ have a natural way to get everything under the skin. Colors of brown, navy, peach and yellow are best for them to use on Holi. Avoid red and black color on this day.

Libra believes on peace. This is a positive “Air” element. They tend to remain calm. This Holi, they should go with violet, blue and lavender color. Avoid green and yellow.

Scorpions are ruled by Mars, the “water” element. Colours that are lucky for them are blood red, black and maroon. If they stay close to these colors on Holi, they can balance confrontations, imbalance and disharmony in their lives.

Sagittarius’ are cheerful and trustworthy. They want best for everything. They should go for yellow, plum, dark blue and purple on this day. Avoid red and black color on this day.

This is ruled by Saturn and Capricorns are contemplatives having reservations for love. The best color for them on this Holi is charcoal grey. Avoid yellow color.

Blue is the luckiest color for Aquarius. Stay away from orange and red this Holi.

Pisceans are water element. They are calm, sensitive and gentle. Mild shades of sea green are good for them. It will bring positivity in their life. Avoid darker shades this Holi.

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