Lucky Gemstone for Scorpio

Lucky Gemstone for Scorpio

Pluto and Mars are the ruling planets of the Scorpio zodiac sign. According to astrology, Scorpio person are very mysterious individual. They have the very strong willpower that helps them to pursue their goal. They have sound and an isolated world. They have a magnetic personality and they can never tolerate treachery. They are rebutted, brave and have a magnetic personality.

Lucky Gemstones For Scorpio Rashi

The placement of Pluto and Mars in the sky can significantly impact the Scorpio natives’ lives. The perfect lucky gemstone for the Scorpio natives is topaz. The Scorpio natives can wear Topaz for getting the inspirational benefit for their mind and soul. The golden light color emitted by this gemstone is akin to the aura surrounding the head of a saint. This stone purifies and transforms the sensibilities and powers of individual.

Lucky Gemstones For Scorpio Man
The lucky stone for Scorpio man is Topaz. The other stones can also be worn such as amethyst, aquamarine, opal, tourmaline and beryl. Topaz is a very soothing gemstone. It helps to conduct the energies of Sagittarius’ ruling planet Pluto to give the benefits of the Scorpios’ natives. Topaz has an inspirational energy aura for Scorpio men. This stone has energizing properties that infuses magnetism in the life of the wearer. Topaz is a great lucky stone for the Scorpio men.

Lucky Gemstones For Scorpio Woman

The citrine is the lucky gemstone for the Scorpio women. It helps to transform their personalities and life with great ease. This is crystalline quartz with lemon color. This stone is believed to dissipate negative energies and clear all the smokes and fears present in human. Scorpio women can hope to realize their dreams by wearing citrine.

Lucky Gemstones For Scorpio Moon Sign

The best lucky stone for the person having Scorpio as Moon sign is Coral or Moonga. Toa spire the best result of wearing this gemstone, one must procure the best authentic coral from a reputed gemstone seller. Coral with weight of 3 carats studded in gold and silver rings can give powerful effect to a person. Appropriate mantra should also be enchanted before wearing this gemstone such as :
‘Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah’.

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