Your Lucky Name By Date of Birth

Your Lucky Name By Date of Birth

A person’s identity and existence are defined by their name. We are very particular about our name. Even though the famous bards have said “What’s in a name”? and we still cannot deny the importance of our name. From ancient time people gain consciousness, till the time, they pass away, it was the name that defines us, and does much more. By the use of numerology, we can get some help to get the best name for us so that it can shape our destiny by following the dictates of numerology.

Schools of Thought

There is basically two school of thoughts of numerology, Chaldean and Cheiro. By the first name it describes the life path number and is known as the main number in numerology. This life path number decides the life journey and challenges, attitudes and goal luck. Life path number is calculated using the date of birth of a person. In Chaldean numerology, it is the name which is used to determine numerology name numbers as destiny numbers, soul number and dream number.
According to Cheiro school of thoughts, it is the birthday or ruling number that is the main important number. This ruling number is that which influences a person in his or her whole life and in the daily activities. The second main number names which is called as destiny number or Namank. Therefore, it is very important to know whether both numbers are compatible or not when trying to come to any further decision.

Calculating your Lucky Name

There are various ways by which we can calculate our lucky number. You can enter the date of birth and some other details and once you click submit button, it will show your names that are compatible with you, based on your numerology. Each numerology number has a certain vibration and energy which is influenced by the specific planet. All numbers have their own compatibility with each other. If they are compatible, it will result in good benefit to the person and is a good sign. As a rule, everyone present on this planet is impacted by the life path number which is the prime number and the birthday number and other three additional name number. Each number can be same or can be different indicating that life is influenced by many numbers.

The Significance of the Number “0” in Numerology

If you are considering a name that is devoid of vowel or consonant, then in numerology, it means that you have not a soul or personality number, so life path or the birthday number has no conflict with name number. In this case the score is 100%

Changing of Name as per Numerology

It is not possible to change your date of birth and it is a hard fact truth. But the name can be changed if the name is not compatible with the date of birth. That possibility is up to you and the higher the average percentage of lucky number, the lower the need to change your name. If there is a conflict between the life path number and the name numbers or birthday numbers and the main name numbers, what you can do is you can check your same name with little alterations or by the name change with other names.

This is only from the numerology point of view, the actual name change is totally up to you. If you consult a numerologist having deep knowledge and it recommends a name change for bringing positivity, it is you as an individual who have to decide to go ahead or not.

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