Magnesite Healing and Meaning

Magnesite is a white, grey, brown and yellow in colour. It appears in the form of “brain-like “, chalky and marbled and also found in the crystalline form. Magnesite is readily available and found in the crystalline form. It is mainly sourced from Brazil and the United States.

Magnesite beings a deep peace to meditation and relaxation if placed on the third eye it enhances visualization and imagery. It opens the third eye and heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love. Magnesite is very helpful in the practice of unconditional love in situations where relationships with other people are difficult because of their behaviour or addictions. It helps one to feel centred, standing by placidity and allowing the other person to be totally who they are without requiring them to change or being affected yourself in any way by their difficulty.

Magnesite stone is a powerful healer, psychologically, it brings to the surface all forms of self-deceit. It helps one to recognize unconscious thoughts and feelings and to explore the reason for these. It takes one to the past if necessary and it also induces a positive attitude to life. Magnesite has a powerful effect on the mind, bringing the hemispheres into harmony and stimulates ideas and their application too. The brain-like form of Magnesite has a powerful effect on the mind and brings a calming effect on the mind. It supports one during the time of stress and also helps one to overcome the nervous and emotional stress and problems.

Healing: Magnesite has a very high content of magnesium and aids its absorption in the body. It detoxifies and neutralizes body odour and acts as antispasmodic and muscle relaxant. It is very useful in the treatment of menstrual disorders and intestinal cramps. Magnesite stone treats bone and teeth disorders and prevents epilepsy. It speeds up fat metabolism and disperses cholesterol level, preventing arteriosclerosis and angina. It is a useful preventative for heart disease. It balances body temperature and lessens fevers and chills.

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