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Mangal Dosha is caused in the horoscope by the ill placement of Mangal (Mars) in the horoscope. A person has Mangal Dosha if Mars is placed in the Lagna (Ascendant), the Second House, the Fourth house, the Seventh house, Eighth house, or the Twelfth house.

Mangal Dosha should be studied in detail before matching any horoscope because Mars is a fiery planet. If afflicted, it can bring lot of sorrows and unhappiness in the marital life. Placement of Mars in the First house makes a person aggressive and violent. Second House represents kutumb or family, placement of mars in this house may cause problems with adjustment in the family life. Placement of Mars in the Fourth house brings unhappy family comforts. The Seventh House is the house of the marriage, placement of Mars in this house causes misunderstandings in the family life. The Eighth House is the house of “Ayu” and house of “Suhag bhava”, placement of Mars in this house bring danger to self and the spouse. The Twelfth house is the house which represents bed pleasure and otherworldly happiness. The placement of Mars in the twelfth house can bring unhappy marital life.

Mangal Dosha can be checked in a horoscope, by studying the placement of Mars in the birth chart. The counting of house should be done from the “lagna”. The Moon and the Venus position are also carefully studied for Mangal Dosha.

Please Note: Havoc should be not created regarding Mangal Dosha. All the planets should be carefully studied, as there are combinations by which Mangal Dosha gets cancelled. Red Coral (Moonga) is a very effective gemstone for Mangal Dosha, but after careful analysis of the birth chart.

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