Manik stone

Manik Stone

Manik Stone
Manik stone or Ruby Gemstone called in English is the highly precious gemstone. It is worn on the right hand of the ring finger of male and the female. This gemstone is the hardest gemstone as made of the mineral corundum so it doesn’t scratch easily.

This is a Gemstone for Sun i.e. Surya. If one wears Ruby, then he or she may get name, fame, wealth and glory like the leader and the Sun. It is very good in increasing the concentration and is useful or maintaining the long span of concentration in the profession and the career field such as good player, student, administrator and actor.

In Hindu Astrology, it has been said that Surya is the Karaka or the Skeleton System of the solar system. Manik stone is the gemstone of Surya and wearing this gemstone increases the general constitution of a person and improves the mental health and physical health of person. If big Manik stone is worn as a pendant then this stone empowers the Heart and slows down the aging process.

Manik stone is the Birthstone for the person born in Leo ascendant or Leo zodiac. This is the fifth lord of the Aries, i.e., the Mesh Lagna and becomes the ninth Lord of Sagittarius i.e., Dhanu lagna thus creating a Bhagya karaka so the people born in these two lagnas should wear Manik stone of 3 to 6 Ratti and above.

Manik stone is also very useful for the people who are facing serious relationship problems with their seniors such as Govt. official, Father, Husband, Mother in law or any other person. Wearing Manik gemstone can give power to the Natal Sun and it becomes easier to handle a dominating Senior.

As this is the Gemstone of Surya, the most powerful of the solar system, it gives immense benefit to the wearer when all Gems fail to make an impact. This Gemstone is very powerful in giving name, fame and social status.
But before buying a Manik stone it is essential that it should be a natural one and not treated by heat because there are many gemstone sellers in the market who sells treated gemstones. Treated Manik is not effective as natural Manik stone.

One of the most famous Manik stone ring is given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton, it weighed 8.24 carat surrounded by diamonds and set in gold. African mines fine and clear Manik stone in good color and size are very rarely found and usually the qualities mined are more or less simple and average.
Sometimes Manik stone can be very similar to other stone such as aslamandite garnet and pyrope garnet, spinel, topaz and tourmaline.

In traditional Hindu belief system, Manik stone is associated to the Muldhara chakra and the base chakra, this chakra is associated with the Kundalini and spiritual energy, the power of desire and divine consciousness.

Manik stone should be studded in gold because gold is only the answer or Manik stone. This is a very precious gemstone that heals the depression, fear of success, heart and spine and lack of confidence. In Indian gemstone and jewelry industry, Manik stone may not be the engagement stone but in a heart shape it is possible in Ring finger but made with the support of other gemstone. It is often studded with emeralds and yellow sapphire as per astrological findings of the Horosocpe.

Manik stone is mostly found in round and oval shape and other shapes may be difficult to find. The Manik stone natural color must be confirmed by a laboratory report from a reputed one such as IGI or GIA.

Manik stone is also irradiated sometimes for the color enhancement and the name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, means “ red”.

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