Mantra for Marriage Problem

Mantra for Marriage Problem

Swayamvaraparvathi Mantra for Marriage Problems
This is the most powerful mantra for happy and successful marital life. It also brings happiness in children and other family affairs of life.

Swayamvara parvathi Moola Manthra:

“Om Hreem Yogini Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara
Jangamasya Mukha Hrudayam Mama Vasam Akarsha Akarshaya Namaha:”

We are delighted today to give our viewers information and guidance for a happy and blissful married life. Hurdles in marriage are the main cause for degradation of love and happiness, so if your marital life is blissful, you can face any problems with great effort. If you are facing any such adversaries you can contact our expert Astrologer Prashant kapoor. He is an expert and a great counselor who guides according to the planetary positions in the natal chart, suggest remedies and other therapies.

A benefit of the Swayamvara Parvathi Moola Mantra Japa:
If you’re facing any delay in marriage then this is the most powerful mantra for the same. It helps one to get the partner of their choice quickly. It removes any hurdles and obstacles coming in the marital life. This mantra was recited by PARVATI for marrying Lord SHIVA.

Love Marriage – This mantra helps one to find the love of their choice. It helps one to remove all obstacles in love & marriage if it is provided in your fate.

(First line, we praises Goddess Parvathi and in the second line, we request her to attract towards us. “Mama Vasam Akarsha – means attract towards me)

Happy Married Life – Try this Swayamvara Parvathi mantra if continuous quarrel helps between husband and wife. This mantra helps in improving positive vibration and helps in increasing love and affection between two partners.

Infertility – Swayamvaraparvathi mantra helps to bring positive vibration and helps in improving love and affection between couples and helps your wife to conceive but fate always has the final say.

Avoid Divorce – Matching wavelength and also improves the understanding between partner.

It is easy. You can do it Yourself
Step 1. Take sankalpa. (Sankalpa – Spiritual resolve/Vow) Take a oath infront of Goddess with your name, relevant details (Parents name, Gothra, Nakshatra)and tell God about your problems. Jap mantra for 1,00,008 japas with a request to remove the problems.

Step 2. Time Taken for the Dhyana: 2 hours a day.

Step 3. Offerings: Offer Dheepam, Dhoop and Pushpam ( Flowers ), Fruits, Food, Betel leaves and Aarti.

CAUTION or ADVISE: Sankalpa is an Oath infront of God. Once Sankalpa is made do not stopper break in between, due to promise of 108 day. Hence, it is highly advisable to practice this japa for couple of days without making sankalpa to check whether you can do it yourself.



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