March Birthstone Meaning

March Birthstone Meaning

Do you know that depending on the month of your birth, there is one specific stone for you? Ancient legends believed that wearing dedicated gemstone can help one to get out of the evil forces and helps one to emerge as a winner. It will not only bring good fortune but will also help to lead a happy and a content life.

So, we a legit question to ask:

What is your birthstone?
Most of the people don’t know. Nothing to worry, if you are born in March, then Aquamarine and Bloodstone are your birthstone.

It is found in varied hues of deep blue and blue-green, this stone has been founded as traces of iron in the beryl crystal. This naturally occurring stone is amongst the most prized birthstones as it is hard to find. It has a magnificent look and is often considered as poor man’s diamond. It is mined mostly from Brazil, this high-quality gemstone is ideal for exquisite jewelry. The word, Aquamarine is derived from Roman words, “Aqua,” meaning water, and “mare,” meaning sea. The folklore suggested that Aquamarine is a sacred stone of Neptune, also called as the Roman Sea God. In ancient times, it was used as talisman by the sailors, when they used to sail for long days in the sea

Apart from fortune, aquamarine is believed to bestow its wearer with spiritual nourishment and youthful energy. The crystal clear blue hue helps the wearer to get abundant mental, physical and spiritual clarity and consciousness of thoughts. It has also some medicinal properties. It helps in the healing of liver, stomach, jaw and throat.

The other birthstone of March, Bloodstone is a stone of warriors. It has striking and magnificent red color hue that gives an impression of blood. Also called as Heliotrope, this stone is a form of commonly found quarts. Bloodstone is the first choice for the people who can’t afford the high priced aquamarine. It gives courage and confidence to the wearer. It furthers clears the mind and soul and also provides clearer vision to the wearer. It is the most favored material for religious statues. This mascot increases the strength and physical vitality of its wearer. It further helps to clear the mind and coul from apprehensions. As far as its healing powers are concerned, it is very effective to reduce running nose and also clears the blockages of the same. In addition, it is considered a powerful weapon to heal out the venom of the snake bite from person’s body.

Conclusion – If you are a March-born individual, then wear these birthstones and take the delight of their remarkable benefits

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