March is a Month of Liberation

March is a Month of Liberation

This month depicts the end of the winter, so below as the northern hemisphere is static, the motion of the cosmos becomes more fluid. This month kicks off big with the position of Venus in Capricorn squaring Uranus in Aries. This is a tense and potentially disruptive square which can affects intimate partnerships, financial agreements and anywhere we are in abundance.

Immediately after this aspect, the transit of Venus into Aquarius becomes the dazzling hyper-queer sexy of herself, moving collective ideals of love and sex towards the futuristic and potent horizons. It is known that when Venus moves through Aquarius, it always gives a thrilling opportunity to reevaluate your sexuality and all your means of attraction to be certain and authentic.

Mercury is spending more time in Pisces than it usually in any sign. This is the fleet-footed messenger and is debilitated in the sign of Fishes and all the Piscean 12th-house dissolution energy is confused and always confounds Mercury, who quacks and sinks into the poetic depths. Mercury’s retrograde motion adds to some blur to this transit and dominates much of March’s mood. Try to keep in mind, that Mercury stays in Pisces all month long, so all affairs related to Mercury are seen through underwater level of Pisces.

March 6 is bringing a new moon in the dreamy Pisces and Uranus stationing firmly into Taurus, it may revoke issues that were shaken up by the initial movement into Taurus last May.  This is a very major transit and will affect all globally, especially on issues ruled by Taurus. The powerful new moon will lend us the ability to center our thoughts on futurist’s ideals and be a part of innovation that may lead to a better world.

What do the stars foretells this Year?

March 14 is the height of Mercury retrograde’s, when the position of Sun catches the Mercury and Mercury is conjunct with the sun. The Pisces energy will be highly pronounced on this day and best to dedicate this energy to creative and dreamy pursuits.

On March 20, sun will enter Aries and spring will start in the northern hemisphere. There will be a ripe and lush full moon in Libra, shining a healing and harmonious light on ideals that we are committed too. There may be an invitation to recognize the beauty in our bonds and in our agreements. Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, so avoid making specific demands to the Universe.

On March 26, Venus will enter Pisces and there she is exalted. The sympathies will be heightened, compassion may be possible. With this dreamy transit, the world will become more romantic, sentiments will flow and nostalgia will grow. On the same day, Mercury is going direct – a good point of alleviating some fog.

Finally, right at curtain, on the last day of the month, Mars makes an entry into Gemini, and will diversify the ambitions and may open new opportunities and diverse outcomes.

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