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Marital Problems and Solutions for Cancer

Worshipping Lord Shani

Gemini can expect serious marital life problems like separation if Shani lies in the weak position. For following the path of married life blissfully the Gemini are required to chant Shani Mantras which will relieve them of facing challenges in marriage.

Marital Problems and Solutions For Cancer: Debunk Red And Embrace Yellow

For reducing the effect of Shani in the life, it is advisable for the Gemini to emphasize on yellow and avoid the shades of red.

Marital Problems and Solutions For Cancer: Emotional And Desired To Be Loved

Lack of love and feeling wanted is the most important aspect for the Cancer which misbalances the marriage. Lack of security and communication further deteriorates the bond. Resolving the issues is better technique for a happy married life.

Marital Problems and Solutions For Cancer: Granting Space

Excessive attention is simply not acceptable to Cancer and rather seems a suffocation. Cancer finds it hard to maintain a balanced relationship due to their insecurities and need for freedom. In such cases, granting space will help the Cancer grab the track of married life. They lack future vision of family planning which is why mutual interaction is necessary for a happy married life.

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