Marital Problems and Solutions for Taurus

Fasting on Tuesdays

Mars is responsible for affection in Taurus and retaining the harmonious balance in Taurus. The marital problems arise because of presence of Jupiter. Fasting on Tuesdays can help regain the lost luster and spark in the marital life. Offering food to married woman on Tuesdays can prove fruitful for your marriage.

Marital Problems And Solutions For Taurus: Donate Yellow Things

Charity and donating yellow colored things like food, cloth, flower and sweets will help curb the problems in married life and in strengthening the bond.

Marital Problems And Solutions For Taurus: Remaining Calm

Taurus being impatient and stubborn, demands partner’s understanding and comfort. Their partners are generally required to staying relaxed and avoiding argument.

Marital Problems And Solutions For Taurus: What A Taurus Desire In A Partner?

Taurus finds home in a partner who values family, is faithful and loyal, caring, can accept their beastly side, patience, and who enjoys working towards developing security.

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