Marriage and Astrology

Marriage and Astrology

Marriage and Seventh House in a Horoscope
Seventh house is considered auspicious for denoting the marriage prospect for a girl or a boy. It’s an irony, if after if someone doesn’t get married. Seventh house indicates marriage, hence this house must be free from any affliction. Its lord, and the lord of the house and its tenants. If the position of planets is not suitable, then there may be hardship in marriage and also in finding a suitable match. If Sun occupies the seventh house in the Rasi and the house of Mars is in the Navmasa, Lords of second and seventh House or Venus in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house is afflicted, Venus ticked between two malefic and malefic situated in the second, fourth or eighth house from that of Venus – the married life will not be happy.

The number of planets in the seventh house also determines the number of wives a man will marry. The Lord of the seventh house together with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars, if occupies the sixth, eighth, or twelfth house, the native will enjoy a happy married life. One can also see for the lagna and the planet occupying the lagna because it also plays an important role in determining the marriage and the love, romance and the life partner. A man can marry a girl of her lagna either the fifth or ninth house, from the house tenated by the lord of the man’s lagna or his seventh house, or also the exalted house of the first or the seventh house in the man’s horoscope. The position of Jupiter, the main planet related to marriage should be posited in a favorable position in horoscope because it helps in finding suitable life partner and is responsible for the happy marital life.

Beside the natal chart, Navmasa chart is also important to determine the proper time and year of marriage. The Dasa and Antardasa of seventh Lord, the Dasa and Antardasa of 2nd Lord and Dasa and Antardasa of Venus and Moon depending on the transition period and major and minor period going in a horoscope of a person. The Nakshatras from the girls’ to that of the boy should be counted for the agreement of horoscope of two people. The total of the two should be divided by nine and if the remainder is 4,6 or 9, this indicates that horoscope are best matched. The number of nakshatras counted from the girl’s to the boy’s if be 4,7,10,13, 16, or 19 one may safely assume that the couple will be blessed with a number of children. If Mars is afflicted in the horoscope of the boy as well as the girl, the marriage will be a very auspicious one and however if one is afflicted and the other not, then marriage will be a disaster. Jupiter, in its benefic aspect helps a lot to nullify the evil effects of malefic Mars and helps in marriage. It is essential to consult an experienced astrologer if facing any problem in marital life or in harmony between spouse.

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