Marriage Astrology Consultation for Taurus

Taurus prioritizes security and stability in relationships. This is what makes them wait patiently for the perfect one. Their calm and energetic personality results in long lasting marriage.

Marriage Astrology Consultation for Taurus: Compatibility

Taurus is most compatible with Taurus, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn. They are least compatible with Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Marriage Astrology Consultation for Taurus: Taurus Men

Taurus men are most compatible with Libra women because of similar desire for tranquility, sensuality and aesthetic appreciation. Libra and Taurus is a match made in heaven as they are least likely to clash over trivial matters and Libra’s compromising nature relaxes Taurus’s stubbornness.

Taurus and Leo Women might not be a promising bond as Leo’s passionate and extrovert nature with the nerve to seek excitement and drink life to the lease is likely to clash with Taurus’s dislike for spending huge money as a way of flaunting. Similarly Taurus and Gemini are heads apart, as Gemini’s shifting moods and Taurus’s consistency makes them total opposite. Gemini seem unreliable to Taurus.

Marriage Astrology Consultation for Taurus: Taurus Women

Taurus Women are most likely to marry Taurus man as they share similar lifestyle preferences, attitudes and values. The Taurus woman might get attracted to Scorpions due to their electrifying personality but the similar inclination to jealousy can lead to divorce in the long run. They tend to remain loyal and committed to Gemini which is the least compatible match for the Taurus men. This is due to the similarity in the personal planets.

Marriage Astrology Consultation for Taurus: Best Age to Get Married

Taurus’s patience and persistence to find the right one can get hitched immediately once they discover their true love. This can happen particularly in 30’s.

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